Alexkidd2x V0.3 Is Out :)


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Oct 22, 2004
Madrid, Spain

Here you have a new version of my SEGA Master System and Game Gear emulator.

The new features are:
  • Changed screen color depth from 16 to 8 bits obtaining up to a 60% of speed increase.
  • Added some more speed options to roms selector in order to save batteries.
  • Added the possibility to configure the default path where looking for roms (see instalation).
  • Added directions to controls remap, so you will be able to assign a button to a pad direction (quite useful in games as Bank Panic).
  • Improved control in buttons remap, now it is more accurate.
  • Added the possibility to change default configuration for all roms (push CLICK+Y in rom configuration screen to apply this to all roms not being executed previously).
  • Added region selector to limit FPS to 60 (NTSC) or 50 (PAL).
  • Added support to SRAM in games that incorporate that memory.
  • Added the missing characters (!?[]) to the font used in the roms selector to improve the visual aspect.
  • Fixed bug that doesn't close sound device at exit.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

You can download it as usual in my website or here: AlexKidd2X v0.3

Sorry for my bad English :unsure:

Oupsss... it run... the directory must be in root of SD CARD ???
I'd like to report a bug. I was in the ROMs list for about 10-20 minutes straight with no movement and when I picked my GP2X back up I couldn't do anything. It was frozen...

I was at 200MHz (or 150MHz if the game's MHz setting still applied).
I can't get this to work.

I have my roms in /mnt/sd/roms/sms and I have edited the config file.

When I open the emulator I can see a list of my games. I press 'B' to select one and I get the config screen. I now press 'select' to launch the game and the screen goes black for 1/10th second and then I am back at the config screen.

My ROMs are all zipped in separate archives, but I just tried it out with a couple of unzipped ROMs and the same thing happens.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
That problem with roms folder is a bug, please, put your roms in roms subfolder in the same folder as alexkidd2x.gpe file.

I will release a new fixed file in next days.

Sorry :(
Works flawlesly, Sonic seems 100% at 166.

Few suggestions, it seems too easy to accidentally chance the mhz after picking the game, maybe put an empty default selection spot there? Also, wrap-around rom selector would be great, ie, if I push up, or left shoulder button, I jump to the end of the rom list.. And global, permanent volume setting.

On a somewhat general thing, there's a slight pause after some time in-game, but this seems to be present in all emulators... Maybe my SD is just too slow.

Great work.
This release play games really fast. Many games are faster than the original, fullscreen at 150Mhz.
A thing is strange btw: I don't see real speed difference between 150Mhz and 275Mhz (my maximum).
virusx posted on May 15 2006 at 01:24 AM said:
This release play games really fast. Many games are faster than the original, fullscreen at 150Mhz.
A thing is strange btw: I don't see real speed difference between 150Mhz and 275Mhz (my maximum).

Eh, try no limit... :blink: A new difficulty setting for some games. :p
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Hi cool emu. It is running nice and fast.

One thing though could you allow ROM path browsing? I like to keep my GG and SMS files separated instead of throwing in one large pile, I have lots of ROMs it gets to be a mess like that. Since all my files end in .zip it is impossible to tell what is what with everything lumped together. It would be much nicer if we could have 2 directories like this: /mnt/sd/sms/GameGear and /mnt/sd/sms/SMS. Then through the emu we could select which directory to browse. This would also help with scrolling through large numbers of ROMs. Scroll wrap would be nice too.

Also could the config file also save the parameters like sound options clock speed etc so that you don't have to change every time you load a ROM?

Also there needs to be a brightness option. I noticed even white seems dimmer than normal. Be careful though as brightness controls should not change the background, it should remain at 0,0,0 (black).

Thanks for the great emu.
I don't know why, but I'm not getting any sound. The sound settings on the menu when starting a game is "faded out." I'm using firmware 2.0.0

Also, don't know if you're aware, but Battery-based saves (e.g. Phantasy Star) don't work.
Puck2099 said:
What frameskip are you using?

Frameskip 0... 150Mhz/Fullscreen Vs Frameskip 0... 275Mhz/Fullscreen.
But it was speed enough, it was jsut to try it. :)

Btw I have a game that gives me strange things : Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (UE) [B1].sms
I don't see the background, it's all black. But it could be my rom itself (B1 version).

@GeminiDomino : I don't have this sound problem here.
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Very good emulator, quick question though, is there a way to increase the sound volume, even at max the emulator is very quiet.

Also do you have a paypal account as I would like to donate when this emu is complete.

virusx posted on May 15 2006 at 05:12 AM said:
@GeminiDomino : I don't have this sound problem here.

Are you using 2.0.0? I just flashed tonight, and that's all I can think of, since it's broken a few other things too (notably, the menu in DrMDx)
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virusx posted on May 15 2006 at 05:49 AM said:
Yes I'm on Fw 2.0.0. And I have the DrMDx menu issue (like everyone, I think)
But the sound in Alexkidd2x V0.3 is okay for me.

Curiouser and curiouser...

*Edit: SMSplus also won't run anymore. GG, GPH...
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I noticed something strange, I had my screen setting at 1, from the 2X setting menu, and the alexkidd menu was washed out, could barely make out the rom names. But after starting emulation, the screen went back to "normal", non-washed out. Which leads me to believe, that the settings are overridden by alexkidd. Just thought I'd mention it...

Also, on 166mhz, I get terrrible wavy lines, enough to make one's eyes bleed, but on 150, there's nothing. Crystal clear. :) Good thing is, that 150 seems to be enough for everything so far. :)