Release A7Xpg

ekianjo said:
Not sure why but it seems scores are not uploaded to C4A anymore. Any issue on that front?
M-HT said:
I tested it and it works like it should. To upload a score, you need to have a C4A profile, you need to have a working internet when exiting the game and your high score must be higher than your last uploaded high score.
ekianjo said:
MHT, I see. You probably need to change the upload rule, since the competition is supposed to restart every month, and if you do not beat your own highscore then basically it would never upload anything, and therefore you would not be able to compete for the given month.
M-HT said:
The rule is there to prevent uploading the same score again and again. Clear your a7xpg appdata folder to reset your score and the upload rule.
ekianjo said:
MHT Skeezix already has score spamming measures on the server side, it is not needed to care about that in your app.
Maybe he does, but I just uploaded the same score again, by disabling the upload rule and then running and quitting the game (without playing). So the upload rule has it's place.And even if the upload rule wasn't there, you would still need to beat your own highscore to upload a new (higher) one, because the game remembers the highscore.
I uploaded a new version to the repo.

* C4A highscores are uploaded using fusilli client with caching


The source code is inside the PND and on GitHub.
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It checks whether the fusilli client is in firmware. If yes then it uses the firmware version, otherwise it uses its own version.