166mhz Gp32 Blu + Smcs Etc For Sale ( Uk )


Jul 11, 2004
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Well I didn't think I'd do this, but the more I think about it I can't see any reason why not... I'm sure you've read the countless threads about gp32 vs GPX2 vs PSP vs homebrew wah wah wah. Truth of the matter is I can't really justify keeping the GP32 any longer... so...


For sale:

1 x 166mhz ( Fully boxed inc USB cable + CD ) GP32 Blu ( modded by GBAX.com )
3 x 128M SMC
1 x Official Carry case
1 x UNOPENED rf link.
1 x USB SMC/CF card reader

This is the perfect starter package for a new gp32 fan ;) More detail here: http://l33t.spod.org/ratx/gp32/FOR_SALE/. The BLU has the Euro firmware and is pretty much in perfect condition. Please post or PM me if you're interested with an offer.

I'd really prefer to sell this to a fellow UK gp32x.de'er.. in I doubt I'll send it overseas... sorry too much effort...unless you make a really good offer ;)

I have 300+ Ebay feedback and I'll give out my username to anyone seriously interested. The entire package is going on Ebay soon but I wanted to give the gp32x.de marketplace a chance first.

PS I'm not interested in selling bits of the package sperately sorry.. that is unless I can't sell it on ebay... however I do have a spare USB cable that I'll probally list seperately soon, again just PM me if you're interested.

Thanks for your time
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