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    New Gp2x F-200

    I'm still using my MK1, have I ever fallen behind!
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    Need Help

    I'm building a computer for a friend of mine. I have experience doing so and this is the first problem i've had on a build. The first time i got everything assembled and booted it up, there was no video signal, so I figured 3-ish options. Bad Graphics, ram, or CPU. Much later, with my...
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    What Older Consoles Did/do You Own?

    This will be very long for some people <_< NES Duck Hunt Snes Super Mario World Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic The Hedge Hog 2 Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and gamebay color -POkemon red GBA To Close To Count Playstation Jet Moto PS2 DDR MAX 2 G-CUBE Smash Bros Melee N64 Mario Kart XBOX...
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    Hardest Mario

    "King Koopa never had level designers of this quality" :D
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    Which Os Are You?

    Ouch, lets retake. :D CRAP!
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    Noticed Something

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    Noticed Something

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    Noticed Something

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    Noticed Something

    You wanna shoot Ash, or me for making one with Ash?
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    Noticed Something

    I wish one existed. . .
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    Noticed Something

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    Noticed Something

    WOW CS2 was being fussy.
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    Noticed Something

    A penis??
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    The Fun Is Over For Xbox Live Owners....

    It can; Save Games To HDD Play a mess of Emulators Connect to your pc and watch the media (with xbox media center) And, if you really really wanted too, you could probably find a way to make it make coffee.
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    The Fun Is Over For Xbox Live Owners....

    If you know someone who owns action replay and splinter cell, the only cost is a hdd.
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    I Need A Windows Xp Free Virtual Cd Drive Program

    A No-Cd crack is required to play almost all recent games, just google for it.
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    Cannot Get My Joystick Pad Off...

    I always found it helpful to twist it before pulling.
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    Christianity, With Attitude!

    It's the only way the church can get people to go to church instead of watching the football (american, not everywhere-ican)