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    Gp32 Theatre Avi Problems

    You can get GPCinema to work via that windows-like interface loader (forgot the name for the moment). That's how I load GPcinema, because my FLU won't load it by itself. It plays all movies just fine though, just make sure you encode them properly and such.
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    Nice try :)
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    New Fenix Game : Paraball

    Cool game, I have the original java source here. It's silly :)
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    Great British Meet Up 2005

    Pah, let your fellow european neighbours in on the game too, let's all meet in The Netherlands :)
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    New Taiwanese LCD GP2 with White Bars

    Why was none of this 'white bar' problem posted in the news? I think it is a rather significant piece of information, somewhat more important than an update about another version of a game or program? Just suggesting.
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    Best Classic System Ever

    Since the choices are limited, I'll just list the best machines I've had the pleasure to use while I was growing up: 1. ZX Spectrum (48k version) 2. Amiga (I used to have an A500) 3. NES The SNES and Genesis are both nifty, but those came in too late in my life to really become favorites...
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    Usb Working !!!! On Gp32linux :)

    Coolbeans! This is also one step closer to a possible USB-to-USB connector to exchange files and such, I hope. With external power, of course. :)
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    Pinball Dreams

    Try Alien Crush on the GPEngine, it's a kickass pinball game as well.
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    Nsfplay V1.2

    I'm not sure why the readme tells the .fxe to be put in /GAME because with the original firmware, it won't show up anywhere. Thusly, just put it in /GPMM. Works great, btw. :)
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    A Suggestion For Gbax

    This isn't a flame, no. I do believe, though, that things can be discussed here. And Craig visits these forums as well. If this topic isn't wanted here, I'll suggest this to Craig myself.
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    A Suggestion For Gbax

    I realize it's at checkout, but it would be handy if it was available right away.
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    A Suggestion For Gbax

    Craig, I've noticed that prices are only specified in Pounds. How about providing the (estimated) Euro and Dollar prices as well? I realize that those prices are specified once you start ordering, but it would be nice to have them beforehand. I thought I'd post this here, so that everoyne can...
  13. D Online

    They put up Doom as a commercial game because the main game .WAD files are still the property of Id Software, and may not be given out freely. There does seem to be an .fpk there, which most likely contains the shareware .WAD and the latest Doom version that Craig made. I like the site overall...
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    Ha, Counter - What A Lamer!

    CPS is Capcom Play System hardware. It came in two versions, CPS-1 and later CPS-2, both which were used in arcades. Here's a list of which games which hardware ran. Both CPS versions can be emulated via MAME or FinalBurn Alpha. CPS-1 Info (hardware, games) CPS-2 Info (hardware, games) Just...
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    European Bios Version

    Ah, I see. Thing is...I never flashed my GP32 before. I'm rather nervous about it. n.n; It still runs the old FW. It's a FLU.
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    European Bios Version

    Well, to just give an honest answer to a fellow polish GP32 user... According to my GP32, the BLU FW is version 1.5.7 (2002.1.10) Hope that helps.
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    Gp32blu Firmware Dumped

    I tried the .fxe version just now, and with PC-Link it gives the SMC error. Does this mean the european FW expects a different directory layout on the SMC? I haven't tested it with the Pc-Link software yet, though. Does the BLU Install CD include such a program?
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    Where Are You From?

    Delft, The Netherlands
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    I searched this forum and I didn't find this one suggested before, so...what do you all think? Is it possible for the GP32 to run a port of this game? As far as I recall, the resolution is right, the sound ought to be doable too and the game wasn't huge in the first place. I recall its source...
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    GP32 Chatboard Applications

    I successfullly got the chatboard to work on Castaway, but nothing else would run it. Maybe I did something wrong. I also could not find Kronos. I wonder if SCIagi will ever support the board :)