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    Pandora's Design

    wow, such negative comments found here! I got the gp2x, and was pleased to find an enclosed info sheet on openpandora. And then flowed onto here to read a bit on it. You know- the more people nit-pick at something, it will never be finished. Devices come and go, the ones that stay are made from...
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    Sdhc What I Will Need..

    Thanks for the info :) I just didn't want to open the gp2x on christmas day and find out I can't transfer files over because of a reader. Does XP need some sort of hotfix to read SDHC cards? Or is the reader all that I need? Thank you!! :D
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    Sdhc What I Will Need..

    Hy guys. Long time no post! I am going to purchase a gp2x f200. Its been about 2 years almost without a gp2x. So its going to be fun getting back in. I do have one problem. I spent the last of my beans (cash) on a 4GB Sd card from SVP. It was from the lucky dip range, it is tested and works...
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    So, Say Gph Released A Sequel...

    if i wanted the gp2x to be crazily better, then basically it would be a 30o0 mile bluetoothed range gp2x, why? Because the gp2x would simply be a display monitor and the controls just operate the hardware likea remote. All it would be is a high resolution screen, with controls on it (kinda...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    i hope that was a joke ;) I can see it now... another bloody topic about the xgp haahahahaha. I can see it now... PSP outsells the XGP 1,000,000 to about 2 i think I can see it now... the actual name of the XGP will be XGP MAXI!! (?) I can see it now... (insert possible XGP conquers portable...
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    New Xgp Pictures

    Can you explain exactly how different? Its got wide screen, got 3d, aimed at psp market, its got similar features... pretty much the only difference is the media format is uses and the company who makes it. I just think its going to dive thats all, my opinion only. I also think this topic...
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    New Xgp Pictures

    "I don't think we are assuming that it won't have homebrew. It will probably have it. Even if it doesn't support it it will be cracked anyway. It is just that it really doesn't offer much more than what we have now with the GP2X. A widescreen doesn't give us anything better for emulators in fact...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    i was quite descriptive i think, even though my english skill SUCK. Thanks for the good reply alpha 2, just what i MEANT to say ;)
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    New Xgp Pictures

    it kinda reminds me of a gamegear! I really do like the look of it mind, i just hope its as slim as it seems. Is it me, or does the unit LOOK heavy? the heavier the better ;) i just hope its as good as it looks really. If its battling the psp, what are its weapons to do so?
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    i reckon it does count you see. In japan, where the best electronic stuff is made, or korea in our case ;) they release a console to the market. The same japanese market etc has different games which most are not released in other places, yet, the console remains exactly the same. Nintendo...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    "Judging a system before released. Ha ha ha! Sadness." "Then we have the SDK. Making the XGPmini perfect for an audioplayer. Giving it the power to beat the iPod. " all in the same post no doubt! all this is speculation, the xgp mini might not even be any good! who knows that the xgp would...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    generalize way too much? did you like involuntarily write that post above then if you think this way??? Just because you bought nintendo items it nintendont make you any wiser than the next gamer ;) Seriously now, XGP ON A DIFFERENT SECTION! like in the RUMOURS SECTION. This kind of topic is...
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    Split General [gp2x / Xgp]

    it also says in general xgp/gp2x "talk about the gp2x console"... The thing is, the gp2x needed a large user base, and a big forum section was made to house it, not like putting talk about gp32/gp2x here. it would be silly. Considering now that it seems that there are stupid fanboys of the xgp...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    better homebrew?? thats sounds crazy! there wasnt a better one than the gp32 at the time, and now the gp2x is even better than that. Besides, if you want the best GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! We want the gp2x, that is why we are here. whether its the best or not, i really couldnt care less. I enjoy it...
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    Backgrounds For Gnuboy

    wow! gp32spain is full of avatarts!! :P hee hee I am wondering K-teto, i love gnuboy, especially the scaling mode! Its cool to see things in big, and its cool to see them like an old gameboy again :) One thing you could add on the next revision is like some sort of filter which blurrs out the...
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    Gp32 V Gp2x V Psp

    "As far as Amiga games go it is honestly doubtful that it will ever happen at full speed with sound on the GP2X due to CPU limitations" WAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHHA, funniest thing ever in my view ;) Anyway, the PSP is pretty cool, battery SUCKS, prices for psp are moving down VERY slowly...
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    Who Is Excited About The

    not really, all consoles have their own unique aspects which dominate over another. Psp and its movie playback, seriously, its really cool. DS and its touch gaming, definately a revolutionary thing! try it out guys!! phoenix wright all the way! the gp2x, well its plays megadrive and mvs and...
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    Graphic Filters

    for me, i much prefer seeing all the detail. Filtering is good for a pc monitor, i.i nes emulation in salx2 for example, it looks like a smooth painting! But generally this eats the memory and cpu power a lot more. If i could have SALx2 etc etc for a nes emu etc (you know, for older blockier...
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    Xgp/xgp Mini News

    sonehow i knew this topic would start in a flame, i mean - an xgp topic in a gp2x one?? someone PLEASE move this! Its only causing unwanted gp2x vs xgp oddness... The xgp.. for me, i really REALLY dont think its worth it, psp has already won in the catagory of pmps with media playability. And...
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    Actual Resolution Of The Gp2x?

    yeah, basically it means that it supports the 720 x resolution. It technically doesnt PLAY it at that resolution, its impossible since its only got a 320 x resolution screen itself!! If you, for example, put a 720 x film on a gp32, it would not work. If you did this on gp2x it scales the file...