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    Wolf3dSDL Port

    Thanks! Hrm well log complains about the launcher not finding the correct UI files. It does look very bare to me, not themed at all. It also states that ./spear has permission denied.
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    Wolf3dSDL Port

    I've installed my copy of Spear and Wolf3d and the launcher shows them, but when I choose something it does nothing. Anyone else have problems with this? On the main wolf3dsdl page (non pandora) it does have seperate binaries based on which way you obtained the game. Maybe I need different data...
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    Best programs for making sprites?

    This program is really good. Try checking out youtube for some vids on someone making something with it.
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    FreeCiv and other games that don't fit in the screen - How do you play them?

    The menu for freeciv extends past the bottom of the screen so I cannot hit the start button. In the Dosbox keymapper utility, it also extends past the bottom of the screen so I cannot hit the save button. How can I get around this issue?
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    Nubs feel weird?

    I find the nubs really hard to use because they get caught up by the edge of the case.I have to apply preasure to the opposite side I'm moving so it will lift up and over the edge. :(
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    Where should we post issues with the port? I have some problems with games and the keyboard mapper is too big to see on the pandora screen.
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    Unit arrived with battery in and already first-booted

    Well I noticed that when everything was put together, both the buttons were sort of hugged down a bit. The angle was visibly slanted and it didn't have the range to actually click down and come back up. After I shaved off some area where it contacts the switch it still didn't have the range of...
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    Help with my Touchscreen

    Anyone have an idea about this? Is there a way to make it more snug? Can I open the screen some how and stretch it or something? I cannot use the UI very well because of this. I cannot doubleclick anything with the stylist and I have to push down hard to get it to recognize it.
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    VICE C64

    I'm going to start doing the savestate, but the load *should* be working great with warp, but it doesn't. And if you turn on the status bar you can see that when you load and turn warp on the speed of the emu goes down to like 86%. In normal vice the warp is like 2000%. So my guess is the...
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    Unit arrived with battery in and already first-booted

    Got it working like a dream! And I fixed up the other shoulder button too! I got them switched in my mind when I posted this thread. The one ground down was the one working fine and the other wasn't. So I ground down the inside of the bad one like the good one and it started working better. But...
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    ViceX64 issues

    It's great to have a C64 on the go, but loading is SO SLOW. It's almost real-time. It seems the warp isn't working correctly. The sound though seems pretty good, a skip here or there. Where can you get the source for the emu? It really needs a dedicated person who love the C64. I wouldn't mind...
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    Unit arrived with battery in and already first-booted

    I opened it up and (I was going to take a picture but I cannot find my mem card.. go figure) the shoulder button looks ground down. Almost as if there was a problem in the mold and it was then fixed. There are no soft pads per this post's pictures on either of my shoulder buttons: I love my...
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    Unit arrived with battery in and already first-booted

    What does this mean? The battery was already in the unit and when I first booted it, it took about 10 seconds to get into the new user prompt. The wiki says it should take 10 minutes to boot. Does this mean my unit was tested? If so, I'm disapointed because the right shoulder button is stuck...
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    Any default sounds on the pandora?

    I don't have access yet to an SD Card (until I get home) and I was curious if the thing booted up with sound or something? I've yet to hear it do anything.
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    Help with my Touchscreen

    No this seems different. Mine has the same problem. The film just doesn't feel snug near the center of the device. Around the edges it is. I can easily put my finger or the stylus on the film, move around with no contact to the screen.
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    Organizing, coding, building, geez. (2011-03-04)

    If our unit shipping now or in the past, would we be able to buy the LCD cable and install it easily ourselves? I would rather do that then send back the unit and waste ED and others time.
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    MS-DOS game recommendation thread

    One of my favorite strategy games is Global Conquest which was made by the late and great Dan(i) Bunten.
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    Want to order the unit that is available right away - Will I get it in time for vacation?

    I was conversing with myself. I got problems I guess... :)
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    Want to order the unit that is available right away - Will I get it in time for vacation?

    I'm going to order it right now. I don't want to wait to receive it, maybe the next thing you guys can invent is a teleportation device used to send the pandora's to their new owners.