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  1. Klaue

    Pandora erhalten? -> Bestellnummer hier eintragen!

    <i> </i>Bestellnummer: 3874 Bestelldatum: 06.08.2009 Versanddatum: 14.11.2012 Zustelldatum: 20.11.2012 Anzahl-Pandoras: 1
  2. Klaue

    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    yay, more waiting! Well, the reason is probably that this way, you can be promoted to mod status. forgive me my sarcasm.
  3. Klaue

    'Anonymous' Levels Hacking Threat Against Federal Reserve

    You are one to speak, mister I-change-history
  4. Klaue

    I have a kitten problem. =o.O=

    Since my cat had his 18th birthday yesterday, your kitten probably only wanted to send him some congratulations over mail and failed :)
  5. Klaue

    Moderating: SONY Vs SONY

    Jochen is just a german name - it's a short version of Joachim [/offtopic]
  6. Klaue

    No no no this is not right.

    What, he is mod now? Seems like even here, shameless ass-kissing will get you anywhere.
  7. Klaue


    I tried a N-Joy some years back and wasn't that impressed. The vapor wasn't dense enough (it felt like water vapor) and the taste was pretty bad. But as I said, that was years back and e-cigs are a pretty new technology, so much can have changed till now. For people interested in it, I can...
  8. Klaue

    Best Western RPGs?

    Funny, I liked part 5 much more than 1 or 2.. But that might stem from the fact that I played 5 first ;)
  9. Klaue

    Best Western RPGs?

    Elder Scrolls for me It's a bit of a tie between Morrowind and Oblivion Morrowind had its own world, own architecture. It diddn't look like every other RPG - none of that "pseudo-dark ages" except for a few towns. It also had plenty of history and the books were amazing. Oblivion looked...
  10. Klaue

    Hmmmm.... Antivirus? Antimalware?

    That argument is heard a lot, but most servers use Linux (as Eridger said too). Since today most or at least a lot of viruses (virii? I'm never quite sure of the plural of virus) are used to build a botnet to DDoS a server, you'd have to think that viruses targeting a server directly would be...
  11. Klaue

    Hmmmm.... Antivirus? Antimalware?

    The last time I heard of a Linux virus it was a java based one that attacked all major operating systems. It diddn't survive a single reboot on Linux ;) And as far as I remember, the hole it was able to squeeze trough is long closed now. I'd say that an antivirus on a linux system is just...
  12. Klaue

    Petition to Stop the "Kill the Gays" Law in Uganda

    Of course! Don't you know that Uganda cares very much about the opinion of other countries? [agree] @sony: you're in favor of making it illegal?
  13. Klaue

    So, my bank thinks I might be a terrorist.

    It's porbably because there's no "you may not use this to build atomic bombs" in the pandoras documents :D
  14. Klaue

    Have you lost faith in SONY Corporation or SONY Computer Entertainment?

    lacks the "I never had any" option
  15. Klaue

    Cheat Engine

    sorry for the thread necromantism I just looked around a bit again and found out that someone not only improved scanmem so it can use double values (for example) but also made a GUI for it, here: So.. there's now a cheat engine lookalike for linux
  16. Klaue

    I'm getting a lot of flak over the username SONY

    And you can't even remove it with adblock because it's the same one as in the header (which I would like to keep)
  17. Klaue

    Release PNDstore

    Ah, I read over that while skimming trough the post, thanks. @Tempel: Personally I would love something like synaptic Not as feauture-rich, of course (unless you want to work eternities on it ;) ). Even "just" the main guy with installed/not installed/upgradeable with a simple repository...
  18. Klaue

    "in fact most agree that a choice of sites is good"

    As far as I understand it, milkshake's repo is basically the box 2.0 - it uses the same repository specification that was since upgraded to fit the needs better. The great thing about such a repository spec is that it doesn't really matter how many repositories there are - a good client...
  19. Klaue

    Release PNDstore

    Any chance for screenshots for those of us who are curious but don't have a pandora yet?
  20. Klaue

    Befriended by Nintendo

    And you have to do that about 4 times because he will refriend you various times. For all I care, he's a dick.