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    Gp32 European Box!

    looks great. euro release gets closer and closer gp32_console :D
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    Do Games In General Cost Too Much?

    i think console/pc games should be $30 USD at most and handheld $20USD at most.
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    N-gage 2

    the screens way better. i like it its interesting. lets see if they got what it takes. also this could be a prototype. it could be changed
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    Farcry Help

    well i bought it and am at my friends so its not my pc. but his is like i think 1.8Ghz-2.4 so i think its able to run it, but i dont know about his gfx and shite. i dont think the specs would have to do with it i think it would still run but crappily.
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    Farcry Help

    i installed far cry and when i clicke play it shows the far cry title screen shot(not menu but before the game startes the little picture) and then it goes away and does nothing. could it be drivers or what? i want to play far cry :(
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    ebuyers awesome ive bought 3 SMCs from them good delivery too fast
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    hahahhahahahahahah :lol: im almost 16 the youngest i would get with is maybe 13 at the minimum or 14. friends are like ewww 8th graders. and ill im seeing is fresh meat. i know im an american male pig :angry:
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    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

    i got light cyle but realized im more of a space invader. it said if your mnot a light cycle your probly a space invader :D i help me homies i make fast decisions sometimes if im stupid at the time but space invader was more me
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    Anyone On Xbox Live?

    DONMEKA is my tag play me in midtown, rainbow six 3 or splinter cell 2 or ESPN football. and if you want lag halo on xbconnect/gamespy
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    that thing could change my life make it a car or 1 seater with flushing and ill buy
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    New N-gage

    n-gage 2 will be good i think. n-gage sucked. but hey theyre noobs and phone maker. i own an n-gage and got a lot of survey calls from them and i suggested everything and actually started yelling ta them. lol hopefully they will learn from theyre folly on n-gage and make n-gage 2 something...
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    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

    lol im really pac man but the test says this
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    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

    Pac Man Love to eat love to listen to music and looooove chases ze beeches although there isnt a stable Ms. Pacman yet
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    Need Help

    w00t is a gamer word for like yes! or oh yeah! like a celebration word after you beat someone in quake arena :lol: or any game at all
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    Family Guy Quotes

    Meg: Does dad have a job yet? Louis: Meg honey your dads going between jobs right now. (pulls up to corner and sees peter dressed as a hooker) Louis: Oh My God Peter: You lookin for a good time sailor? Louis: Peter You get in this car right now! Peter: Ok but its gonna cost ya whatya want...
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    Member Levels

    OMG it does look like hes wankin it niiice and how do you make gifs? any sites?
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    Scariest Computer / Console Game

    blue stinger silent hill 2 Splinter Cell 2 Pandora Tomorrow
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    Member Levels

    lol the post # is amazing i thought it was real at first since your an admin you never know whats possible :blink: youre evil rcx.....evil...........LIKE A FOX and frolik whats your avatar? looks cool.
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    CaSTaway GP feedback

    screw that shoot a virtual boy at him I'LL TAKE IT! SO THAT HE MAY LIVE AND MAKE MORE GODFULL EMUS AND WHATNOT thats right i said virtual boy :blink: woah too muc sugar :blink: :blink: :blink: