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    Gpsp Questions..

    As for the BIOS, the SP should work as it's the same console, they just look different (as PokeParadox) pointed out. And for the games being packaged differently, I doubt it. They all say GBA and are packaged the same, and they look different than the GBC & GB games...
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    Gpsp Questions..

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    Any Psx Info?

    Wow, reading back on this post it seems like I'm ripping into this emu in a very harsh way, but believe it or not it's my favorite project on these boards (guess I'm a bit of a sadist after all :) ) . Good work Zottd and Una-i! I really do believe that it will one day fulfill my dream of...
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    Gpsp (gba Emulator) V09-2xb_1 Released

    I asked this on another thread, but didn't get a clear response, perhaps Exophase, or someone else could answer it: Why does full screen on gpsp look a bit choppy? It doesn't look that way on the PSP, nor did it when I did full screen on visual boy for the GP2X. Thanks,
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    Gpsp Questions..

    Oops, I meant GTA Advance, lol I typed it like the racing game. Anyway, I just tried Advance Wars again with 200 MHZ and it works fine. Doesn't run slow or choppy at all. I'm not sure if it's at 100% but definitely 85%+ It seems perfect to me, I tried with and without sound. However, the...
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    Any Psx Info?

    You'd be surprised how many games work, but you need to clock to 266 MHZ. Here's what I tried @ 266 MHZ and what results I got: Tenchu: Looks good but somewhat slow, however you could play it if your patient. Ridge Racer: Looks choppy when other cars move, a bit slow. NBA Jam: Menus look...
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    Tecnoballz Port

    Great port! This game brought back my old Arkanoid memories. It runs well, and is quite fun, also for those that don't remember Arkanoid this could be considered a "tech" version of Break Out, I'm sure most of you have heard of that.
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    Race - Neo Geo Pocket Emu

    lol I can't figure out how to exit that emulator, anyway, I did the rom selection via GMenu2x. Go to the properties of the emulator shortcut, and go to the selector part, and put the right extension. This is my config for race, I point it to selectorRACE.gpe title=selectorR.. exec=/mnt/sd/GP2X...
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    Gpsp Questions..

    Ok I got it to work, managed to get all of the games I tried working EXCEPT: GTA Advance (Grand Theft Auto) It crashes after the mission briefing comes up, so you can type your name ok, and then after that comes some text, THEN it crashes. My BIOS is OK, and every other game I tried works. So...
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    Vampire Baby Freaks Game

    As saehn stated, no source code, so it can't be ported. HOWEVER, it should be playable on the GP2X once the Flash Player is improved, and can handle Flash Games. So this, and many other games will be playable :)
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    Mpeg Files Not Recognized?

    Unfortunately the GP2X specs are misleading, it is possible, but not at the moment. They should of put only DivX and Xvid (.avi) is supported at the moment, and MPEG, WMV will be playable in the future. However, it's only video part that it's misleading, as the rest is pretty much accurate. TV...
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    .cbr/.cbz Wiever For Linux Available

    A bit off topic, but the person who mentioned converting PDF to JPEG to view using the image viewer, what size was the jpeg and what program did you use? I tried it, and the pages were roughly readable, but I'm assuming it's my program.
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    Armored Core

    Unfortunately, from the current GP2X specs, you can't play PS1 games at full speed. Even with the best possible emulator, however a better rate can be achieved indeed. There should be a new version released soon, so you'll have to wait, it's a long and hard project, so you have to give them...
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    Gp2x Built In Mp3 Player

    Not a complete solution, but why don't you use CraigAmp,0,0,0,6,1870 or GMU instead They look a lot better than the built in one anyway :)
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    Poor Tv-out Quality

    Yeah I'm running Firmware 2.0 and the current TV Out cable, and it looks good. However, the movies are not 100%, since I encoded them to be small in file size. But they don't have any lines, and the games look flawless :) Where did you buy the cable, it could be that, you bought one of the...
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    Yeah it has that dig dug theme, but gameplay is a bit different. Wow I remember playing this game on my Windows 3.1 machine :)
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    Dicviewer V0.5

    Yeah the dictionary won't work for me either ;) I found some pdb files, I'll upload them if they work. The page in the read me, in English --edit i know why it doesnt work -- * Incompletion Dictionary function Manual...
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    Firmware V2.1.1

    Thanks for the reply Shikaku. New skins & video player await :)
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    Firmware V2.1.1

    You can upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1.1 without any problems right? Like you don't have to go from 2.0 to 2.1 to 2.1.1..
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    Tv-out In Fce

    Your connections are right, it's the app. I think the TV Out cable fix, should do the trick. (Haven't tried it myself, but from what I've read on other posts, that has done the trick.) If it still doesn't work, you'll have to wait until someone fixes the app so TV out works.