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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    anychance of an updated psp release ;)
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    I don't suppose anyone has a dingoo they are willing to sell me

    i also have a dingoo that i dont require anymore and for sale if the price is right.
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    UK ordering available again for new units

    awesome news (ill post on me site)
  4. W - Future

    I think its critical to safe guard the future of GP32X, moving the forums to Openhandhelds seems very much a wise decision and having the old site as it is now at gp32x.openhandhelds. Might be wise to start redirecting to the new domain so that google can refind the links easily. Then you could...
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    I said it would be a full English breakfast. You'd want comfort food.

    Nice to see everything finally falling into place :)
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    Emulation on iPad

    are there any more free emulators for iphone/ipod touch /ipad i hadnt even heard of the 2 u mentioned till now
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    Whats the Best of the Best for GP2X ?

    Today after years of having a GP2X F100 (infact one of the very early models) i today upgraded the firmware and enabled SDHC Support,so now my 8GB card has some usefull ness Whats the very best emulators per console to stick on the gp2x also with regards to Mame, what newish arcade games...
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    Legal Emulation Resources

    hmm dont forget the DCEmu Homebrew and Emulation Network - ;)
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    The Official "I own a Pandora" thread

    well sadly i dont own a pandora yet (cries in corner)
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    Release Hotfix 4 Beta 3 Released!

    900mhz is still damn fast, better to keep the life of the pandora as long as poss than to overclock too much and shorten the life of the handheld
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    Champions League Draw

    yeah he has assembled some squad at Spurs, nice to see plenty of english in the team, its refreshing to see teams using their own countrymen, about damn time
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    Thanks for the Tapwave Zodiac Archive

    I have owned a Tapwave Zodiac for years now and never fully utilized it but thanks to Evil Dragon at least now that is a reality, thanks for making the file archive, so many goodies to try :) ill have a beer for you tonight (got 120 pints brewed to drink now)
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    Idea for the Forum

    ooh awesome.
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    Idea for the Forum

    I wonder if theres a Facebook/Open ID mod/hack you can use to vastly help getting more people to use the board in the long run. One thing i mentioned to Craig was that i had a dream of a Homebrew Social Network, personally something along those lines would be awesome for the Legal Open Source...
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    Champions League Draw

    Just watched the draw and the english teams seem to have all done well apart from maybe spurs, but inter milan dont have jose this year so things may be different i personally think Barcalona will win it, they are just too damn good