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    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    Got your email, decided to try the boards again.. looks pretty good. Admittedly I haven't been visiting the old boards for years now. It just got too late before the Pandora finally arrived that it was just in time to be obsolete. Soon after it was time to move on to later hardware. And to top...
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    Script-based on-demand wifi a possibility?

    On Maemo this is caught somewhere in the network stack IIRC.. and used to switch on networking if off when needed. But it's been a long time since I was up to date on this. This was possibly done (again, IIRC) simply by intercepting the socket() call. Something similar may be possible on...
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    skype on pandora

    I suspect it might be illegal to pretend to be somebody else.. as you're doing if you use the mac address of a unit owned by somebody else who bought it and thus got rights from Nokia to download from their server. So I would be wary. All of that wouldn't have been a problem if Skype had just...
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    How much do you use your Pandora?

    Can you actually see the printing on the keys? I cannot, whichever way I turn the unit (the reflection just follows and stay on top of the print, due to the curve of the keys). If you can, then I believe there must be a physical difference between your keymat and mine. Office tube lights aren't...
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    How much do you use your Pandora?

    I must admit I'm barely using it at all. The reason I'm not using it at home is because I simply don't like the user interface, it's very cumbersome to use a shrinked desktop setup which is not designed for a small device like this. Particularly when I've gotten so used to the Maemo interfaces...
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    skype on pandora

    There is a practical problem that shouldn't be underestimated.. if you already have a Nokia N900 phone then you'll realise that Skype is truly well-integrated in this device. Whenever you call someone you can simply choose to use Skype or SIP or GSM, it's all the same really: Normal phone usage...
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    Unbelievable time handling bug

    I'm at the latest hotfix (final 6), full reflash, and I checked the symlink directly on the Pandora in a term window. I also checked with both date -u that the OS clock was now wrong, and I used hwclock to check the hardware clock - also wrong.
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    Unbelievable time handling bug

    Ok DST changed last night. So what do I see on my Pandora? WRONG TIME! And not only is the local time one hour wrong, it's much worse: 'date -u' now shows that the clock, which shall always be UTC, has somehow been moved one hour! What's going on here? Has somebody tried to wrestle the setup...
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    DVB-T TV on Pandora

    Right, couldn't find that "Digi vox mini air" via that link in the first post.. what I'm wondering about though is if those DVB-T adapters can handle MPEG4?
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    Dennis Ritchie (dmr) died at home this weekend

    Dennis M. Ritchie: C, and Unix. Without C and Unix there wouldn't be Linux as we know it, and thus no Pandora. There wouldn't be a TV in my home running on Linux. And so on and so forth. Almost everything I see around me in this office is based around things that Ritchie was behind, including...
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    Release Hotfix 6 Final released!

    I selected the 'show window manager selection menu' boot option (or something to that effect), but if I select the mini version it'll pop up the login window (I had selected automatic login), ask for the password, then cycle back to the window manager selection. I have to always select xfce4...
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    Zaxxon bug: shutdown reboots

    Call it what you want, but it's still a bug.. all my ARM devices can only charge when the kernel is running. That doesn't mean they reboot when the power cable is plugged in. Without the power cable in it shuts down properly. The bug is that it reboots if the power cable happens to be in.
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    Zaxxon bug: shutdown reboots

    Just reflashed with HF6 final. Power cable plugged in. In xfce4. Select Log Out Select Shut Down (shows Power of Ångstrom) Then the thing reboots! I asked for shutdown, not reboot.
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    Getting VPN (hamachi) to work.

    Instead of going with Hamachi, why not work with n2n instead? It's the same concept, except that you are in full control over the server yourself. Use the famous web search engine and search for 'n2n vpn', go to wikipedia. and look up the website from there. I tested it a couple of years back...
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    Will the battery last a week out of the Pandora?

    I was away from my Pandora for months. It was switched off, with the battery in. When I finally got back to my Pandora and switched it on to check on the battery it was still 3/4 full. No problems there, in other words. In fact I have only charged it twice since I received it.. once when I got...