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    Made In Taiwan

    I'll post the photos of the company and you can have an idea about their working conditions. It's not like China, Thailand or Vietnam. The working conditions are pretty good compared to these companies. I visit this factory at least twice a year and I'll visit them (maybe together with Ed) when...
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    Minimenu -- Likes And Dislikes? Requests?

    Hi Skeezix, We've been talking with Ed and I have told him some of my ideas to improve MiniMenu. My first idea is to add a counter node to .pnd config file. This counter will save the number of executions of the application. With this way we can understand which applications are used mostly. In...
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    1St Pandora Baby?!?

    Good luck to you all! :)
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    The Faces Behind The Pandora

    Expect some videos and pictures ft. MJWeston as well soon. ;)
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    My Pandora Review

    Before Assembly Case ................ Check LCD Screen .......... Check LCD Cable Position .. Check Keymat and Dpad ..... Check ABXY Buttons ........ Check Shoulder Buttons .... Check Mainboard Main Board .......... Check Nubs ................ Check LCD Screen .......... Check After Assembly...
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    New Picture

    Hehehhe.. I like this one.
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    I'm posting this from a Pandora connected via built in wifi. Works quite good. :D
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    New Case Pics From Fatih

    It was mentioned several times before. This is not a promise though. :) * MfK adds some beige and brown color to the tank...
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    New Case Pics From Fatih

    We are still working to improve the quality of the parts. We still have room for improvement. Even after the first batch completed, we'll keep working on it. As mentioned before, we are planning to sell keymats, cases, etc. in different colors for modders and collectors. ;)
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    Made In China!

    Yes, they have all other parts to check if the plastic parts match with them. The keymats are also ready to go.
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    Made In China!

    As you might guess, we're very busy to put everything (including plastic parts, screws, bumpers, felt materials, gaskets and many tiny details.) together for first production. I'll try to post more pictures later. Keep an eye on forums and our official blog. Thanks for your support! ;)
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    Made In China!

    Final inspections:
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    New Pics Up On Blog

    The pictures are from China. We don't need to confirm anything about the cases. Everything is on track right now.
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