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    Atari 8-bit Emulator

    Hi all, Hopefully a simple question: is there an Atari 8-bit emulator for the GP2X? Last night I suddenly remembered playing and loving Seamus 2 and would like to do so again. Thanks in advance.
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    Gp2x Chess?

    Hi all, I'm aware of Mystic Chess but have been unable to get it to load on my GP2X: does it work and if so, how do I install it (I followed the readme), or is it GP32 only? In case the latter is true, are there any other homebrew Chess games for the GP2X? I've got the Amiga emulator and I...
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    Frodo2x-0.9.9 Help Please

    The ROMs folder needs to be in the root directory of your SD card: the same directory as the Frodo folder. You'll probably have a ROMs folder there already as it's where ROMs for the ST, Megadrive and Spectrum also reside. Just create a new folder within that ROMs folder and call it C64, Frodo...
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    Get A Grip Jostick Tip

    Oh well, too late for me, unless I get a pin and scrape the Blutak out. Perhaps a mod would like to remove this thread if my advice puts anyone's GP at risk.
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    Get A Grip Jostick Tip

    Dear all, I thought I'd share a tip that I recently became aware of: A couple of months back, I took delivery of one of Dave C's lovely joysticks. I fitted it following the instructions but pushed it down a bit too hard and actually sunk my GP2X joystick post. As a result, the joystick sat too...
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    I'm About To Order And I Have Many 'stupid' Questions :)

    I notice this thread has gone off onto a bit of a tangent and that you only actually received one (very good) full reply to your original questions. If I may add my personal experiences then, you may glean something from them: 1. Personally, I would highly recommend getting the official...
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    M.a.m.e. High Score Thread

    I DID IT!!!!! 1'108'450 on Bombjack! A lifetime's aim achieved! I'll even have to change my sig now! Telcolou: I'm at work, so don't have a camera and can't therefore post the screenshot I promised. Seeing as the Bombjack high score is mine anyway, I'll only be beating my own record. Please...
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    I Need Help With Uae4allgp2x

    Literally, just that: eject the disk. You're working with emulated floppy disks, which Amiga games used to come on. Imagine you have a game which is spread over 3 disks, because of its size. On the Amiga, there were two floppy drives: df0 and df1. You'd put disk 1 in df0 and disk 2 in df1. The...
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    M.a.m.e. High Score Thread

    Yes, I remember the C64 attempt and the Amiga one for that: both simply lacked the dynamics of the original and weren't playable as such. I've not been playing for 20 years constantly in my quest to reach 1'000'000 points :rolleyes: I played maybe once a week for a couple of hours for a year...
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    I Need Help With Uae4allgp2x

    I had a few teething problems with this excellent emulator and would just add to virusx's post that some games simply don't work. There's a compatibility list here: I tried for ages to get Stardust to work, thinking that I needed to change...
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    M.a.m.e. High Score Thread

    Ah, the nostalgia! Me and a mate used to play on a Bombjack table unit in the early '90s and both constantly battled to be the first to score 1'000'000 points. He managed it once but my best on the original arcade was 981'000. My 989'000 posted here is a personal best then but you can see why...
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    M.a.m.e. High Score Thread

    I've got a replacement stick: Dave C's Get a Grip. It really helped, as with the standard GP2X stick, my high score was nearer 200k. When I got my 989'000 score on Bombjack, I finished levels 1-9 perfectly: all 23 bombs for 50'000 point bonuses. On subsequent levels, I sometimes just clear the...
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    M.a.m.e. High Score Thread

    Bombjack on GP2X MAME: 989'000 Can I be added or do you require proof?
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    Question About The Analogue Stick

    Two things strike me about the IWOOT GP: their picture shows what appears to be Dave C's Get a Grip joystick and I can't imagine that they've struck a deal with Dave. Good for him if they have though and the picture is therefore accurate. But others have pointed out that fact. Something else...
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    I Lost My Cap, Is That Covered?

    Aha! This post makes it a bit clearer and you do indeed seem to be talking about the joystick. PM Dave C, who will make you one of his Get a Grip jobbies. I've got one and it's great: easy to fit and so much more ergonomic than the standard one. $10 in the US; $11 outside and he'll post it the...