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    Gcw Zero Kickstarter

    I'm really eager for this new handheld. I've not had a Dingoo A320 in the past, I've been a GP2X man since the F100, but a proper d-pad, dedicated Gmenu2x and 1Ghz processor is too good to pass up. So I've backed the kickstarter. Although I'm primarily interested in the emulation prospects, I'm...
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    Looking forward to GCW Zero

    Looking forward to GCW Zero
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    Ohboy Caanoo Port

    Very nice, always glad to see continued support. :) Actually what I'd really like to see is a way to map your own buttons, even if it's just by editing a .txt file like Cave Story GP2X.
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    Firmware 1.6.1

    I haven't been paying much mind lately, has anyone been developing an alternative firmware for the Caanoo like Open2X? Obviously there'd be the benefit of producing an optimised or 'lite' firmware capable of processing far more efficiently than the stock firmware.
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    Firmware 1.6.1

    So overall, this new firmware improves the experience, not as good as 1.0.6 apparently but better than 1.6.0 was. I'll have to update mine.
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    New Game On Fungp

    Heh, "repleased" Anyhow you can buy FUNGP points from an external site like You just buy the code, once the payment goes through you get the get in your invoice and can redeem it on fungp.
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    Comparing & Contrasting The Wiz & Caanoo

    What I personally have to consider was that the d-pad for the Wiz was not all that great, diagonals were entirely too sensitive for reliable gameplay on platforming games like Mario or Sonic. Just try it out and you find yourself frequently crouching or rolling by accident. The analogue input...
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    Pocketsnes 7.2.0 For Wiz, Caanoo And Gp2X

    Wonderful news, I'll try this right away. :)
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    Which Game Should I Get?

    I'm pretty sure FREE GAME is just referring to Rhythmos.
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    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    I'm impressed to see Megaman X2 and X3 running so well, let alone running. ;)
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    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    Excessive logos are obnoxious, but phallic grafiti? A-OK.
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    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    But I don't like scaled graphics, the SNES is not 4:3 like the caanoo screen just like gameboy games could be viewed 1:1 or stretched on a gameboy advance.
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    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    No more ugly scrolling dot background? Thank god. :) I hope you can disable or at least alter the border around the SNES game during emulation, I don't want to constantly see a large impact font when playing games,
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    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    That new pocketsnes does seem a little overdue, but when it's ready it's ready, and I'll probably be very happy with it. Kinda absorbed into my 3DS and pokémon black right now. :)
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    Screenshots Of Caanoo Apps

    I imagine that would only work on other GINGE applications.