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    memories out the cornerrrs of my mind

    memories out the cornerrrs of my mind
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    memories out the cornerrrs of my mind

    memories out the cornerrrs of my mind
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    Gp2X Parts

    Hi People Gosh its been awhile, I trust everything is ticking over nicely in gp32x world :) I've been doing a clear out of my infamous "it'll come in useful one day" pile as well as my "I'll get round to finishing that project" pile. And I've come across one of my poor beleaguered gp2x...
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    Pandora :o

    WOW before I thought the pandora was pretty cool Now i think it is the best thing since sliced white Qudos to the devs for such a mammoth undertaking For those who are feeling jaded or upset concerning delays, just hang in there i say and count yourself lucky you are gonna get your hands on...
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    Hello People Long Time

    Hey guys Sure been awhile I was moving house and I found my Gamepark goodies awww memories :) gp32 and those strange shiny goldie things? What were they called SMC's? Man those things were awesome, I actually had to blow on some of them to get them working ( how retro is that!) I even got...
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    Psp Redesign Has Tv-out?

    yaawnn been using tvout on psp for months was hoping for at least a battery improvement 64mb ram is good though for the web browser
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    GP2X Gp2x+wifi

    THEN THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!! Its already done
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    It's A Great Time To Be Back!

    And have you noticed the number of avatars based on a certain GP2X Advocate's avatar popping up? i thought it's a new club or something
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    Usbhostfs -> Emulate A Usb Host

    ::pokes head in:: Does that work with the wireless dongle aswell?
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    Psp + 3.40 Oe + Dragon Warrior Vii

    Hiya This guys seems to have had some luck with 3.40 OE-A best to have a NTSC copy aswell 3.40 OE A has game patches built in that are activated with the correct GAME ID, using another games ID seem to has some effect fixing other games...
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    Ds Homebrew...

    You could get the expansion card from ezflash that has rumble gba and RAM support meaning you could run Opera Browser Have a slot 1 for running nds
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    Hacked Xmb!

    They show up in game
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    The Fun Is Over For Xbox Live Owners....

    Frickin 360 sooo pissed off yes my 360 was modded with a bigger hd who the freck pays 80quid for a measley 14g and what do I need the space for? FOR FRACKIN DLIN XBOX LIVE CONTENT Yes I download games and play them if theyre decent I buy them, the majority however I spend a couple of hours...
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    Hacked Xmb!

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    Hacked Xmb!

    Hiya I use PSX2PSP great app! 3.40 has game specific fixes built into the psx emu that are activated by certain GAME ID's Coinencdently a game id fix from a diffrent game has allowed ff8 to work without crashing