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    What the hell is NEON?

    You have to relativize this. I once developed an insult generator with Turbo Pascal for MS-DOS 5.
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    Regretfully Cancelling my Order -- Who do I email?

    No doubt about it. I had a different person by e-mail, and she was very good too. Until I asked for a refund :/
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    Regretfully Cancelling my Order -- Who do I email?

    Same thing here. At least EvilDragon answered my last PM and kindly offered to re-post my e-mail to openpandoraorders<at> According to him, it is a different company, so he has no insight of the orders. I have to say that even if I understand the situation, this was not cleary stated...
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    Regretfully Cancelling my Order -- Who do I email?

    Well I only said "for personal reason" in my cancel e-mails to openpandorasales and in my PMs to EvilDragon. But I don't think my cash issues are worth mentioning compared to theirs. It's a pity for us all, them and me, but I do need my money back now. I had time to get a girl and have a child...
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    Regretfully Cancelling my Order -- Who do I email?

    That didn't work when I asked for a refund over one month ago!
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    Cancelling my order

    Still no answer here. I am concerned about losing that money. Not sure this is proper english. Try this version: order cancelled-PM sent-no reply-one month-no money-worried.
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    Cancelling my order

    Thank you for answering. I will look at his posts right now. edit: Done. Lesson 1 : Send EvilDragon a PM. Done.
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    Cancelling my order

    Hello everyone, I sent an e-mail to a week ago and had no answer. So I cancelled my order 2 days ago and still had no answer at all. Is there a special adress for this kind of request? Thank you and apologies for my bad english.
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    Best NES Games

    Faxanadu was a fantastic Action/RPG game. Playing it on Pandora would be great!
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    Time To Make Some Money

    You might want to spend that unwanted money of yours by donating to developers. Their work WILL make Pandora live.
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    When This Is Over....

    This won't make any difference. I am not here. I did not say this.
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    A Teaser For You Retro Fanatics .. Text Adventures Ftw!

    Great news! I hope I'll finally be able to complete this one:
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    Release Fullspeed Amiga Emulation On Pandora!

    Teetututuuu (mh mh mhh mhhh)... Tutut,tutut,tutut,tutut... Best intro ever! What I'm looking forward is to run DPaintIV anywhere, I've still got unfinished sprite sheets disks somewhere.
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    Deus Ex

    There have been an Unreal Engine reimplementation project(Surreal), but I'm not sure it's still alive: Surreal Project Google Code homepage
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    Where Is The Flood Of 3D Art?

    Hello, Just a message to confirm that the meshes are OK, they are being processed with no problem within Blender (Windows XP). I just downloaded the last Blender binaries yesterday(a simple ZIP unpacking) and imported the model parts one after another. (I wish the real Pandora could be...