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    Pyra news partially stale from the dragon's mouth

    it's been so long now. i put down $300 maybe $400 yrs ago. my life had been very bumpy and i lost touch w/pyra community. when this is all ready and complete how will you contact me for delivery? my contact info have changed and i lost every info i had on my order.
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    GP32 How Do I Learn C/c++?

    thanks to the pandora i've decided to take a few classes at my local community college starting this fall to learn simple programming. i'm going to take computer logic first, then im going to learn Basic and Assembly language.
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    If a default choice is set, which desktop environment the Pyra OS should have ?

    i prefer Xfce it's just traditional, functional, straight to the point no bullshit.
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    Is I am Setsuna worth my money? (Game)

    like all video games you wouldn't know until you played it. i will buy this game since it is heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger, which is the greatest JRPG of all time!!
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    Classic XBox DVD Drive Won't Read Games - HELP!

    the original xbox is a good console w/many good games. i recently bought an original xbox myself it's still in good working condition. hopefully you can find someone to repair it for you. i live in the states there are many good repair shops around here.
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    Pandora battery

    just wondering can i use the battery that came with my Pandora for Pyra? if i can that would be nice since i don't want waste a good battery
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    Modular Prya

    i love the Modular design. i'm not the type that like to throw things away. i really believe that every tech should be modular. just my thoughts.
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    Skype - The Worst IT Support in The World?

    you can't use the same password on two different devices. make a new account for each device you have skpe on.
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    Whats your favourite use of the Pandora?

    i put it on the table so i have both hands free. left hand hold lube and right hand jerks it.
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    Hard act for the pyra to follow??

    i prefer a device similar to pandora just b/c it's open source software and hardware. i dont like my device being locked down.
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    PC Gaming. What kind of games?

    If all else fails my original goal of finding a retro gaming device to become a retro master like the great Kacho is atleast saticfied! :3 if you are a fan of retro games i highly recomend you hunt down the originals. that is what i'm doing. they still sell those old game consoles and they...
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    PC Gaming. What kind of games?

    i'm still waiting for PC games on the Pandora!! it's lacking. i hoped that the pandora can play those 1990s PC games. i got descent 1 and 2 and xcom but there are a lot more. like Fallout 1 and 2!!
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    Pyra Hardware specifications

    what's wrong with just including an ethernet port??
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    Pyra Hardware specifications

    i would like an ethernet port please!!!