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    The Pencil Trick Is Annoying!

    The PSP aitn duin bad for the time its been out, already got Sega / gamegear emulator, NES emulator, GameBoy Emulator and a SNES emulator. its just really anoying how hombrew only works on 1.0FW version psp's... im really regreting duing the updates now :(
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    2 Problems

    dont use movipark, its old n crap compared to cinema, u need to encode your movies in a specific way, if you dont they simply wont work, ill edit my post with a link to a guide a.s.a.p unless someone posts it after this lol there is a guide...
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    Gp32 - Portable Anime Project

    v cool idea, if you need any Naruto or Bleach encoding i have them all lol i have all the manga to, shoudl make them small enuff to be viewed on a pic viewer on the gp32_console lol
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    Our Large Gp32 Screens

    heh will do. i hope its more than 2 + hrs can spinning a disk really make that much differance??? i get about 6+ hours when listening to music or watching anime off the Memory Stick.
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    Our Large Gp32 Screens

    wtf..... the battery on the psp lasts 6hr's+ when fully charged......... it tells you.... in the system menu under battery... look.... Thats 5 hours 51 mins at 84% battery life.......
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    Our Large Gp32 Screens

    posted the first pic cos it compares their screens and the console size...... i did it cos i have not yet seen a pic comparing the sizes to a GP32 or a SP, so i posted it. and i never asked if u cared lol i dont care if u care or not haha
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    Our Large Gp32 Screens

    compared to the psp i dont think i have seen such a good screen on a handheld its SOOO big and SUPER clear.... looky! sorry about quality lol got a crap webcam and my dad left ma digi cam at work >_<
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    My Avalaunch Skin

    Damn i wish i could make a dast on my xbox n stuff.... but i do not want to get it chipped >_< i want to keep Xbox live!! lol and i heard that you can get chips that turn on and off to stop ut xbox from banning ur xbox live account... but its sounds fussy.....
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    Finnaly Got A Psp

    Thats true, it will have internet play, i have only see about 5 games so fat that will have online play on the USA release, and also cos the psp had the update thing, people have found where it looks for updates and have found a kinda Beta FW (if it is a FW lol) They said it looks like it will...
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    Finnaly Got A Psp

    heh hell yeah!! very cool pretty handheld!! hope the games are just as nice lol as for coded arms it definatly is as nice!!
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    Finnaly Got A Psp

    I think ill keep mine :P too goot to give away lol and too good to sell. hope ya get one soon then u will know how good they are lol
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    Finnaly Got A Psp

    Ok first off id like to mention that i at first was more interested in the DS...... i much more prefer the psp... will still get a DS soon tho heh The first thing i thor when i got my psp and unpacked it was wow....look at the screen!! lol its huge!! and the little analog...
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    Just Had To Post This.......

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    Smartmedia Cards My Gp32 Keeps Killing Them!!!

    recently i have had the same problem, 7 of my 128 smc's have died, and like you my 64mb is still living lol all my smc's have died during useing them on my card reader tho.
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    Gpcinima Linux Mencoder Video Encoding = Grrrrr!!!

    damn :( that didnt work, just makes the screen super static.