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    Femamegp2x Update

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    Femamegp2x Update

    Yes it would obscure it. I had the strange idea that you had added support for both titles and snaps through a toggle feature. That would be pretty cool though! Edit: I seem to have lost the ability to change game specific options (the ones when you first boot) like frequency, screen...
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    Femamegp2x Update

    Been waiting for this a long time. Thank you so much. Question: Can't see titles or snaps. Where do I place them in the directory?
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    Boomshine2x 1.11 Released

    Thank you. I love this game when I want to relax.
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    Animatch V1.2

    Thanks for all your hard work, Ruckage. You have great aesthetic style. :)
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    4gb Sd (not Sdhc) Card For £10

    Yeah the non High Capacity 4GB cards work well. It's what I used to use until I applied the SDHC hack.
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    I Hope The Gp2x Wiz Will Not Kill The Pandora. What Do You Think ?

    And quite a few people are getting both.
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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.4

    Sounds fine to me (and Rygar is one of my faves). Have you done a clean install? Rygar had terrible sound a few versions of MAME ago.
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    Gp2x Newbie

    I get about 3hrs15mins life with 2100 mAh batteries and just over 4hrs with 2500 mAh.
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.3

    @jbrodack: I thought Ultimate 11 wasn't working. Thanks for reminding me about need for cache file. @Manjuu: Nice tips!
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.3

    There was a Super Sidekicks game or two I couldn't play on GnGeo due to poor raster effects. Gonna have to try them again. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Abuse Ported To Gp2x V1.0

    I am impressed that you took so much time considering all the different control schemes and what would be best for the respective platform. I have an F100 and it's nice to see that all 16 directions are being utilised which is rare for ANY software on the device. Having an unmodded F100 could...
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    Sqdef 1.4

    Looks great!
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    [gp2x Wiki] Featured Application - Gpsp

    Bubble Train from Previously Featured Apps is great. It's an updated version of Puzz Loop / Ballistic. There was recently a WiiWare version (not as good as Bubble Train) called Magnetica in USA, Shunkan Puzzloop in Japan and Actionloop Twist in PAL territories.
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    [gp2x Wiki] Featured Application - Gpsp

    Yeah I agree. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks, Alex.