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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Good to hear that you're making a new build, ptitSeb. I've been having tons of issues with SNES, and the other emulators have black boxes for the corner icons.
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    Port Requests

    On page 80, Magic Sam mentioned mGBA. Has anyone looked at porting that to the Pandora? Link to the GitHub page: Link to the home page:
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    Unofficial Openpandora/pyra Minecraft Server

    While I haven't played in a while, I'm interested in getting back into playing. I'd like to join! If I recall correctly, my Minecraft username is minepow2.
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    How does Pyra's OS differ from that of a standard Linux PC?

    Really?  That's great!  Any idea if this works on the Pandora?
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    How does Pyra's OS differ from that of a standard Linux PC?

    That requires Skype to be running though...
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    Upgrade to IPB4

    You seem to be.  Trying out quoting someone.
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    Upgrade to IPB4

    Huh.  This is certainly something to wake up to.  Let's see how this works... And now a spoiler.  Plain non source editing seems okay.  Now let's try the source editor.  listing things things is awful on non-source view Ah! much easier now Source editing is good It seems to...
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    The confessional thread.

    Are you all just really unlucky, or are a lot of women like this?  I haven't ever been in a relationship, but that is mostly because I'm not interested in anyone?  Are these kinds of people everywhere or something? -Glyph Reader
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    Any of you write stories?

    I once tried to write a story when I was about 11 or 12.  The story was an extremely clichéd superhero story with each character being in my early childhood group of friends.  We wrote several stories together, but they were never finished.  Later on, I tried to write them in a "proper" fashion...
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    free PC games (steam)

    May I please have Torchlight II and Where is my Heart? if they are available? -Glyph Reader
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    Windows 10

    At first, I was somewhat interested at updating my Windows 7 partition, but I might wait on that for a month or two to see how bad or good it gets.  Forced automatic updates seem like a very bad idea, and from what I have seen, they can't be disabled in the Home edition?  If so, I may not want...
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    Developed for Pyra

    You know, we could make something inspired by the Dragonbox logo since it's the Dragonbox Pyra. -Glyph Reader
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    Developed for Pyra

    Honestly, I think this would be better for the Credits/About page (assuming the game/software has one).  I could see that being cool, yet non-intrusive.  -Glyph Reader
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    Windows 10

    The main problem with Metro was that it could stand alone.  The legacy control panel was still needed to configure certain settings, and other settings were only in the Metro interface.  Since the two interfaces were clashing together, it gave a bad experience to many people.  Well, not to...