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    I Had To Relist My Gp32 On Ebay Item: 260253129698

    Wasn't there a certain order you had to connect everything in order to get it to work? Its been a long time but it seems to me you had to connect the cable before you turned on the GP32 and launched the Manager on the PC or some order like that to get it to work. Maybe im wrong but thats what...
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    Our Other Non-pandora Project, Iphone Dpad!

    I would buy one for sure if it worked with the 3g iphone. Man that would be awesome.
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    Charging Station

    I was looking at a really nice one at Pottery Barn yesterday. Oooh and it looks like its on sale. May not be big enough for all the stuff you need to charge though. Here Also i think i once saw one in SkyMall. You know the magazine on airplanes. I just checked and they have a bunch. Goto...
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    Gp32 Wanted

    yep. I was about to put it on eBay. Make me an offer.
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    Looking For A Good Divx/xvid Pmp

    I was just browsing Dynamism and i saw the gp2x specs there. It says it can support 720 x 480 and 2500Kbps bit rate. Thats pretty high i think. Maybe high enough for what i want. Am i missing somehting? I read the encode guide here and it says to resze to 320x240 so I think i might be.
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    Favorite Control Pads?

    I use a Playstation 2 wireless controller via a PS2-->USB adapter. Like this one. I think the rumble still works but i am not positive. I mostly play games that dont support it. Edit: wrong link
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    Remote Desktop On Cell Phone

    So i can't just use a generic vpn client on the pocket pc? I use a cisco client on my home pc to do the vpn part. Well thats not good news. I wonder if i could remote desktop into my home PC and then use that to VPN and remote desktop to my work PC. Thats a little complicated and probably...
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    Remote Desktop On Cell Phone

    I am thinking about getting a smart phone with windows mobile 6 on it. I am with AT&T so probably the HTC 8925/tilt/tytnII. I asked in several other forums but no one has even responded. Thought i would give this a try before i give up. I have to use remote desktop connection for work. I...
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    Looking For A Good Divx/xvid Pmp

    I just found a 605 for $200US. I think it will play my files right out of the box. Have you ever used it to watch downloaded movies and tv shows? I wont be using it for anything but video so i wonder if you ran into the same firmware problems when watching videos or is it just with mp3s?
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    Gp32 Blu+ For Sale

    What he said.
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    Gp32 Blu+ For Sale

    Really? No one wants this? I guess when there are gp2x's available on this board for $100US its pretty hard to justify buying a gp32. I'll give it a couple more days here then i'll put it on eBay.
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    Gp32 Blu+ For Sale

    I dont know how much it is worth so make me an offer. i am in the US. It overclocks to a stable 166mhz as far as i can tell (GP Cinema and the Overclocking Tester.) Before i put it on eBay i thought i would offer it here. It comes with nothing but the GP32. I have a 128mb SMC that i might...
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    Looking For A Good Divx/xvid Pmp

    I just found a brand new 404 on my local Craigslist. He's asking $145US. Will i have to buy the codecs for this one too? Actually that 604 for $139 is looking pretty good now. i like the widescreen action.
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    Looking For A Good Divx/xvid Pmp

    eksasol, awesome post. Did you join just to reply to my thread? Thanks! The A3 is pretty awesome but more than i want to spend as i will only be using it for vacations. I just found the archos 604 for $139.00 US with free shipping with a quick google search. That seems pretty cheap and i...