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    Tiny speed comparison. Pyra vs Raspberry Pi3 vs core2duo vs i7

    So, overclocking the sdcard reader speed (see: ) should improve raspberrypi's performance (when using the right sdcard) in this test?
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    monster rpg 2 is now opensource!

    It does require allegro 5, Trent spent some days full time on porting allegro 5 for his raspberrypi version of monster 2. Has allegro5 been ported to  the pandora yet?
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    Release Aquaria

    Thanks for this Great Release! Aquarias music and pandoras sound hardware truly suit each other. Is it possible to set the right nub for singing instead of right shoulder+movement?
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    [Application] SOLEIL

    Don't know if this would be helpful or not, but there's a raspberrypi port available:
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    Release Darkplaces (Quake Engine)

    pandora/appdata/darkplaces/id1/ Files should be: PAK0.PAK PAK1.PAK
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    Could someone try Sqrxz?

    Could someone with a 1ghz pandora try Sqrxz? I've got a strange problem on mine: the jump-button doesn't work. No problems with sqrxz2 or sqrxz3.
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    Release Darkplaces (Quake Engine)

    My pandora is in transit, but I'm curious to know: does quake music work on this? From the Darkplaces readme:
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    When one visits Japan one should, of course, mention earthquakes. I've noticed three, where the...

    When one visits Japan one should, of course, mention earthquakes. I've noticed three, where the latest one was somewhat worrying until I noticed someone walking, as if nothing was going on, on the stairs in a building across the road. De laatste aardbeving was licht verontrustend, totdat ik...
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    Beta Quake 1 (Zquake With Gles)

    Thanks for the port! Is there any way to get the music working?
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    Aquaria Port - Compiled, Linked, Almost launching! - Any Help?

    You might want to check the ipad version that apparently is being tested now:
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    Voices In Scumm Vm

    Simon is working fine for me, latest scummvm with the gog-version
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    I suspect that the answer would be a resounding YES. and please, don't forget wiz support.
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    Apparently there is a DS version, with source!
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    Wiz Or Psp? has them in stock for e125 (without postage): If you watch the forums (there is even a marketplace somewhere way down in the forum index) you may be able to get a nice deal.
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    Current Wiz Emulator Situation

    snes and genesis emulation are excellent, with genesis/segaCD emulation tearing has been completely removed, and with snes it's hardly noticable. I don't know about the other systems, as I haven't tried them. Imo the current software library is excellent. Also, if things seem a bit quiet, in my...