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    Pandora Mk0 Devboard - Some Hires Videos

    Everything's coming together now! Any chance we could get the name of the track used in the video? I couldn't see it mentioned anywhere.
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    Gp2x Review

    If the stick is easily detachable like on the GP32, then GPH could just sell concave sticks as an add-on, for a quid or so. Heck, the same could be done with the buttons too. They did say they were thinking of releasing different coloured face plates.
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    Quake Already Ported To Gp2x (YES! It's true!)

    IIRC, The GP2x runs a variant of linux, so WINE could concieveably work. And there's half life linux. I guess the ARM core will be the big hurdle.
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    Gp32 Ii

    I really hope that the next GP32 (The logo looks like GPX ::EDIT:: Looking closer, you can just make out the words 'Game Park extreme'[sic] below the logo.) has an internal HDD. 2.5" would be perfect (1.8" would be nice, but not as upgradeable and more expensive). That large screen could be a...
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    So, bluetooth to keyboard for easy text entry, bluetooth to a mouse for ease of movement, and bluetooth to a phone for net access. Yeehaw!
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    What Videos?

    They worked fine for me. What did you encode from and to?
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    Stupid Doom Question

    That's the point.
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    How To Go Back In Time?

    The GP32 doesn't even HAVE a clock! That's why we can't use it as a PDA, as we couldn't do dates/times unless you had to manually enter the date/time whenever you turned it on.
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    Should I Mod My Gp32

    I was thinkinf of painting (with a brush, not spray) but I'm unsure of which paint to use. I'm thinking that Humbrol (those model aircraft paints) would be good to use, but I'm not sure of how they'd adhere to the GP32's case. And i'm not going to just splsh some on and hope for the best. Does...
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    Dune 2 Gpfw Mod Progress

    Dune 2 was one of my first games, and still one of my favorites. Funny thing: I only just finished watching part one of Dune (the miniseries that isn't really that mini [6 hours in total]) when I saw this!
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    Cheap Smart Media

    Just as a heads-up, MX2 have amazing cheap 128mb smartmedia cards available to the UK. Linky. Only £16.99!!
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    Gamepark, Gp32 2 (project Name) Coming Soon!

    So we need/want: Backwards compatability At least 64mb RAM widescreen (well, not needed, but it would be nice wouldn't it? 640x360!) CF cards. I know there's a lot of animostiy over them, but they're cheap, widespread, and if it supports CFtypeII then we have a theoretical capacity limit of 12gb...
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    Gamepark, Gp32 2 (project Name) Coming Soon!

    The two big things i'm hoping for are: VGA screen INTERNAL CLOCK! That way it can easily be used as a full PDA replacement. Bluetooth would be nice too for using it as a net browser or for multiplayer linkup.
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    First you need a link to a WAP compatable phone, so you could just as easily use WAP on the phone. More interesting would be to use the HTML viewer in GPlinux to view the ordinary (non-wap) internet, but it would take a lot of work.
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    Usb Memory Stick?

    The best use for the USB port (which doesn't even require host capabilities) would be for linking GP32s together. So war, the RF link doesn't have enough bandwidth for multi-player games, but with a USB link cable you would have more than enough. If you DID get host capability working, you could...