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    Tried Xenogears, game nearly playable. When using the HLE bios option the game ran too fast and there was audio issues. Some slowdown when entering 3d, but there was some on the PSX as well. Game would not enter combat. When using the BIOS bios option the game ran at the correct speed but still...
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    Firmware 1.2.6

    I successfully attempted the 1.2.6 firmware update last night successfully. Unfortunately I don't have any recorded info comparing it to 1.2.1 and I also updated several emulators (pocket snes to 7.1 from 6.5 and picodrive to 1.8 from 1.5x) and several games I tested feel quite a bit faster...
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    Newbie-Will Wiz Run These Mame Games?

    Demonseed: I'm pretty new to the Wiz as well and had some luck with MAME, googling for the newest batch of MAME roms compatible with the gp2x wiz helped. I'm also using the newest MAME emulator from OpenHandhelds. Some of the Mame roms run but are slow, even with the Wiz overclocked. Some of...
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    Psx Emulation

    Thanks much for the responses! I'll definitely be trying it out ASAP, kinda bummed about the sound though. At least in games like Xenogears (which has one of the best soundtracks of all time IMHO) the sound is partially what pulls you into the story. Is there a community around the PSX emulator...
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    Psx Emulation

    Hello all, I'm a proud new owner of a gp2x wiz and I had a quick question regarding the PSX emulation. I'm currently running through some old classics on pico drive and pocket SNES, but I'm REALLY looking forward to checking out the PSX emulation possibilities. I've done some reading and it...
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    Too Late To Buy A Wiz?

    Just wanted to get some advice from the forum, I'm really interested in picking up a Pandora but since the wait to get one atm is quite long what do people think of ordering the GP2X Wiz at this late a date? I'm mostly interested in retro gaming, and wheter or not the GP2X Wiz is capable of PSX...
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    Are There Any Pandora's Left For Sale?

    Prometheus: Thanks for the response! I sent an email to and to Hopefully I'll get lucky and will be able to make a purchase soon! Arianon
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    Are There Any Pandora's Left For Sale?

    Hello! I read about Pandora a year or two ago and thought the idea of a community designed console sounded great, and finding out that it is now in production is great as well! Only trick now is finding one for purchase, I checked the three stores listed under the about pandora page on the main...