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    Pcsx4All V2 Released

    I should have pointed out that this is on the Wiz. The textures looked fine with v1 and they also look fine in other emulators. Made a video:
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    Pcsx4All V2 Released

    Kula World runs a lot better now, but the textures on some of the 3d models are broken now. Coins, keys, and fruits got garbled textures. Skybox, level, ball, hud, and menus look fine.
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    Im Having A Problem When Starting Pocketsnes

    FWIW PocketSNES 7.1.0 runs just fine on my 1.2.6 Wiz (firmware updated from 1.1.0).
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    I'd say it only looks this bad in comparison. I'd also say that it looks this blue-ish, because the cam auto-adjusted to a rather warm color temperature. So, you won't perceive it as overly blue-ish in real life (just like you won't perceive a TV as blue-ish, even if the sun-like light it tries...
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    Good Sd Card For My Wiz?

    Any of those cards will work. The thing you should look for is the class rating. Higher class = faster card. Won't make much of a difference inside the Wiz (most games/emulators don't read that much data) and zero difference if you copy onto the card via Wiz's USB cable (it's always super...
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    That's AMOLED (Wiz) vs TFT (Caanoo). AMOLED got a much higher contrast since there is no back light. Each pixel is its own light source. It also got a much higher viewing angle (about 170° in both directions, I'd say). Well, AMOLEDs are more expensive, have a shorter lifetime, and a higher...
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    Firmware 1.2.6

    I upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.2.6 and it worked fine. The touch pad is actually usable now. E.g. ScummVM stuff works great. I calibrated the touch pad hundreds of times before... it was always completely off. Zero difference with PCSX4ALL. Aww man. Pygame (Orkie's build) seems to run quite a bit...
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    3 Wiz's For Sale

    If you're into it for the feedback try doing web games. Many people will try it and you'll usually also get quite a bit of feedback. Today's options are Flash, JavaScript (Canvas), Java, and Director. I've used the first 3 options. They are alright.
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    Phoneme For Wiz

    Mister Hachi and Opposite Lock do run great indeed. :o
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    mattylu, can you replace that "--" in your user info? It isn't allowed in html comments, which sorta breaks things here n there. TA.
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    Python Support

    Well, I tried CPython/Pygame on the Wiz... and you really need something which is about 10 times faster. While the Pandora got a better CPU, it also got a bigger screen, which means you have to draw more tiles to fill it. It really doesn't look very good. But as I said, with a better Python...
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    Python Support

    CPython isn't really a good choice for devices like this. It's a little bit too slow for being useful. It probably won't matter for the next generation of hardware, but with the current one it doesn't really look all that good. For example if you do some math in a loop... then it performs even...
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    Pandora Google Go On Pandora

    From my point of view Go is a very interesting language for this and similar platforms. It's very fast and yet rather convenient to use. The file size overhead is also rather small. Hello World for example is about 600-700kb in size. That's the price you have to pay for the runtime. But that's...
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    Wikipedia Reader?

    The method above keeps things in their bz2 compressed form. The archive is merely split into 900kb chunks for faster access. This wastes about 100mb... if my rule of thumb math is right.
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    Wikipedia Reader?

    If anyone is interested in doing this, here is a good starting point: