Zardoz Jones and his emu's


Mar 19, 2003
Hey I have tried out a number of emulators written by this guy and I must say his work is spectacular. If you havn't tried them out you really should. He is the creator of gpvgb, gpdivx, snesemu and others which have and have not been released. It seems like it has been awhile since any of these have been updated so I was sondering if anyone has heard anything about the progress of any of his projects. Is he still coding for the gp32 or has he moved on? Also I thought I had heard that the snesemu was a private beta that got leaked at one point. If this is true is this the reason that nothing by him has been publicly released in awhile. I love snesemu and it would be nice to see an update someday. As well I have heard rummors that he had been working on a genesis emulator that was coming along well which I know many people would be gratful to see a public release of. So has Jones quit the gp32 scene or is hs still hard at work trying to perfect his emulators before officaly releasing them?
bah, thats sad to hear, I hope some day he will decided to finish up snesemu it showed alot of promise.
I hope someday he will opensource it rather than let some poor sucker code another emu from scratch.

Seriously if snesemu was a private beta, that would explain the genemu's secrecy. It does kind of make sense - think about how many people complain about the lack of saves and sound, perhaps he was going to add these to it.

- Rico
Zardoz, if you are reading this i sorely hope you come back onto the GP32 scene. Unfortunately im yet to experince any of your work (still havent bought one yet ;)) but according to everyone else you are extremely talented.

And i promise im not just saying this to get my hands on the genesis emu :lol:

:eek: i know thats the words some of us are saying. :D may i first say the snesemu is beautiful it totally surpasses snepxGP in total playability but the emu i relly wish for is maybe an atari emu or hell ya the gen emu. :lol: The man does excellent work and is one of the gods in the gp32 dev scene, we also have to understand that he has other things to do in his life and i know soon he will get back to work on his emus on the gp32

<_< :ph34r: and if not ill sneak into his house kidnap him and take him to a chicken coop where a computer is and not stop making emus tilll theyre done <_< :ph34r: