Your status on the Pandora?

Do you have a Pandora?

  • No, I don't plan on getting one.

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  • No, I cancelled my order.

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  • Maybe, still on the fence.

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  • I lost mine, or it got stolen. :(

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Blue Protoman

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Mar 6, 2010
What's your status regarding the Pandora? Do you have one, will you make games for it, etc.
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No I don't have mine yet... I plan on coding a lot for it though once I get it. ^^
I'm hoping when mine arrives to be able to spend some time trying to learn to code anything. Been a long time since my days with Basic. I never made a game back then. Hope to someday make something and why not on the Pandora.
muckin about in promotion 6 an art program trying to improve my sprite drawing ability.Im really quite poor.edit.This is the first worthwhile poll in a long time.
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LOL surprise surprise... most ppl still waiting for em! but on the bright side!!!! SHIPPINg has started
I plan on ordering mine with my tax return as my one big thing I'm getting for myself this year.

My buddy has no clue why I'm buying it though, he claims everything emulates stuff anymore (he has a modded original X-Box). I tried to explain the portability factor and the fact its more of a portable computer with gaming controls than something like a Wiz. Hoping he comes around once he actually sees the thing.
There's nothing really left for my limited ./configure port and basic code hackery skills. I once got GNURobbo up and running on the Dingoo (Dingux), more or less, but my ability to develop has been hampered largely by a total lack of free time.

So, I've not mentioned development, but I might try some.
do anybody know, how much people canceled their order?