WTB: Ogre Tactics v1.2


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May 30, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
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This is probably a wild shot in the dark but im running of ideas.

I would like to find a Ogre Tactics for the Super Famicom.
The problem with the cart is that they made 3 versions in identical external cases and markings.
Ive been collecting famicom games that have been translated and running them on my pandora. The patches are for one version only, its a pain to try to adapt the patch to another version (ive tried :-( )
I already bought one cart only to find it was not the Rev 2.

Correct version:

Tried contacting sellers but no one has the ability to figure out which one they have. It would require some of kind of dumping hardware like a retrode and calculating a md5 hash of the rom.
I dont want to buy carts randomly and end up with a bunch of older rev's.

I think the only way to get it right the first time is if someone in Japan has the ability to look and check carts at some local store. Or someone has the cart and wants to sell it.
Well hope some one can help :)

Wizardry Gaiden 4 is another that I ended up with the wrong version
Correct version: http://datomatic.no-intro.org/?page=show_record&s=49&n=3294