WTB: 1GHz Pandora $300


Mar 2, 2018
Hi! My pandora is finally beyond my ability to repair. I've used it daily as a general-purpose Linux machine since receiving it in 2012; have myself replaced the LCD cable 5 times, replaced both nubs, repaired the shoulder button switches, and gone through three full cases. Now the jaw connector on the motherboard for the LCD cable is broken and my display does not power on, so I am looking for a replacement.

I am in the US. I'll pay $300 via paypal or any major cryptocurrency (preferred) for a pandora alone; will pay more for any spare parts (LCD cable, display, case parts, battery, ...) included. Am willing to negotiate price. I will pay for shipping.

I hope there is a pandora out there for me and I will not have to wait for the pyra. :)
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I have a base pandora available that I would be willing to part with (sorry cant part with my 1 ghz). There is minor cosmetic case damage, and the wifi is meh (typical for the originals). Everything else works great. Let me know if you are interested in that.
I have one that I'd be willing to sell, I got it from the last batch that were created a little while back now. It's seen barely any use. Nubs and all of the controls still work fine. No issues with the screen and there are almost no blemishes on the case paint. I've never even had to crack open the case. I'll throw in the case, tv breakout cable, and the charger I got with it as well. Let me know if you're still interested.

I have a parts board that ED sent me with some other stuff, i'm sure the connector on that board is good if you need another connector.

Only problem is shipping would be a killer from Australia..
@cuantar I really would like to know your use case. Man! And I thought that my daily use of my Pandora was wearing it down...