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May 30, 2016
Great Britain
I am interested in selling my 1Ghz pandora. it comes with two batteries (1x battery case) original stylus and an after market charger. it also has a spare key board mat and a spare screen cable. I replaced the screen cable and speakers in the pandora this week and is now working great, prior to this operation it was showing signs of the purple screen of doom so I replaced the cable straight away.

This pandora had it's x button replaced with a Y button when I bought it. I guess the original X button broke. I am a leather worker and had the tools on me to carve the Y into an X again to prevent confusion. If i'd had a spare X button I would have had no qualms in replacing the button, but I didn't so a carved X it has for now and it works which is what matters :) (see pictures below). I live in the UK so I'm ideally looking to sell in Europe for lower shipping costs to the buyer but if you really want this pandora and are happy to pay the shipping I won't stand in the way.

ebay listing:
Buy now or best offer.


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Do you mind writing your forum username on the piece of paper and taking another picture of the Pandora?
Do you mind writing your forum username on the piece of paper and taking another picture of the Pandora?

Sure thing, I will do that this morning for you.
[doublepost=1467468210,1467453612][/doublepost]I also re-flashed the OS to fresh install, it is set ready to input details for set up on the "opened pandora screen", your password entry etc... comes with a 4GB SD card. if you want more pictures of the unit switched on just let me know :)

reason for selling, = device is a bit too complex for my skill level to get the use Iwanted from it, although I will miss the touchscreen lemmings game I played from PND manager (not on the device now since it is re-flashed*).
I noticed inside it says rebirth, but it is 1ghz unit see the screen picture below. It says rebirth inside, i didn't question it, If those are the only three categories, then my conclusion would be that at some point in its history the shell case was changed to the case it has today, which would make it a 1ghz model not a rebirth. on that assumption I will edit the thread title and details. thanks for pointing this out..


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I'm sure that the Rebirth sticker is likely the only sticker they had left and just stuck that on every Pandora after a while. My brand new Pandora is a Classic, yet as a Rebirth sticker as well.