Wiz Suddenly Doesn't Work, Won't Charge.


Still Fresh
May 9, 2005
Hi, hoping for a little help here to point me in the right direction.
Last night I pulled the Wiz out of the draw and tried to switch it on - completely dead, no response out of it. Assuming it had somehow ran out of charge, I plugged it into the mains, still nothing - no charging light, still wouldn't switch on. 
I left the Wiz connected to the power overnight, but still nothing, it appears completely dead.The Battery wasn't low at this point
I haven't used the Wiz much recently, but a week ago I was considering selling the Wiz so I turned it on to make sure all was working, and it was fine - I played 5 minutes of Crime Fighters, then switched it off and put it back in the draw. 
So before I go out and buy a new Wiz or buy a new battery, could anyone make a suggestion as to what the issue might actually be, or how I might resolve it? I've tried removing the battery for a period of time and replacing it, but it made no difference.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the charging cable seems fine, as I tested it with my Caanoo.
Another EDIT: the cable I'm using is the Caanoo cable which has worked fine in the post for both consoles. I have the Wiz' own cable somewhere, but can't find it. Does it make a difference?
The battery's were made in 2009 so the cells are probly dying making the batteries unstable, a couple of my wiz's have had this problem.
I might have a looksee at mine. It's not been used in a loooooong time. Hopefully it's still got some life left in it.
What options do we have when it comes to replacing these proprietary batteries? If we find a generic one that fits the voltage and mAh of the original, we should technically be able to rig it in and power the Wiz with it, right? I'm sure if we look around hard enough we can find something.