Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Game Engine

@crow_riot: I'm using floating point (yes, I know it's slow :p ) for most things (physics), shorts/integers for others. I don't think I'd get much better performance at the moment though. I guess if I tailored my engine specifically for the mini-golf game, I'd get better frame rates, but I'm trying to keep the engine as game-agnostic as possible. I'll keep optimizing it as is needed though. At the moment, I'm getting acceptable frame rates (hovering around 28FPS) in a real game situation, so I'm mostly happy :)
kurt, i measured performance using pollux_set-ram-tminigs in audiorace, and it increased depending on how many is drawn from 5-10FPS. thats a pretty nice improvement for free and will definitely help you, too :)
@crow_riot: Excellent! I actually completely forgot to run the tests, so thanks for the confirmation :) Did you just add it to your startup script for the game? Does it reduce battery life at all? Or make the unit run hotter?
Hey everyone,

just another small update:

- physics engine is more robust
- added progress bar & scalable HUD components
- added transition effects (fades & wipes)
- added preliminary support for VRML 1.0 files

Aaaaand another. I got tired of taking "screenshots" with a camera so I added a simple raw screen recording facility to the engine. I'll be uploading animated GIF's of the game soon...
Heh, I figured it was the only way you'd be able to see what the game really looks like for the time being. Hoping to post the pics in the next 10min or so.
Aaaand yet another update:

- added .ktx texture support (now have a proper pipeline for creating 16bit alpha textures (5-5-5-1) from 32bit ones)

kurtkz said:
More updates:

- optimized font rendering
- reworked sound and music support
- implemented simple 2D/3D positional audio


Positional audio! I'm filled with glee :lol:
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kurtkz said:'s actually just distanced based audio...I'll get proper 3D audio working in the next engine iteration... *blush*

you could alway use openal software. Jan-Nik tried that, but didn't get out much performance when playing some sounds. But maybe it works for just one audio file for you? :)
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@crow_riot: Thanks for the link. I can't imagine we'd get good performance with OpenAL on the Wiz though. I'm thinking of writing an audio processing library at some point, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
Haha, nah, i wish i had more free time. I've done most of my engine dev at my downtime of course :p I don't get much time after hours - the missus is demanding like that :)
Aaand another update:

To make it easier for artists to work with the Blender->Tool->Engine pipeline, I've modified the .obj converter to automatically split larger meshes into smaller ones. The benefits to this are manifold, not only for the artist (more freedom to design as they please) but also for the efficiency of the engine. It results in faster and more accurate octree and quadtree construction as well as faster physics processing.

kurtkz said:
... not only for the artist (more freedom to design as they please) ...

What a lovely person this Kurt is.
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Okie dokie, time for another update:

- allow "lock" renderers meaning that if the data will never change or will only change infrequently it caches the previous batching results
- allow compilation of locked renderers to VBO's

these 2 small changes have resulted in a fairly big speed boost, meaning that the framerate in the game never drops below 30fps. Yay. Now if only South Korea would put an end to their insane ratings antics :/