Windows on the Pandora?


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May 1, 2011
Is it possible to install Windows XP on the open pandora? I'm pretty much a newbie...
No, it isn't. Microsoft Windows XP requires an x86 processor - the Pandora uses an ARM processor.

By the by, this is in the wrong section, but don't worry about that - I've put in a request for a moderator to move it to the right place.

All of that said, hello and welcome. :)

EDIT: Ninja'd by Alerino. :p
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As many people above have already said...

I'm no pro either, but I think Windows CE wouldn't be impossible to run native... then again, who would want that!?

no, but if you want to play with Windows 3.1, yes it does :D
95 runs as well this way :)
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I've seen that topic, but I could've sworn I found another, more recent, one where someone claimed he had it working... hmm, where is it...
guess that's a no for XP, then.. sorry for posting the wrong place, and thanks for being so friendly.. :D not all forums are behaiving that nice.. :)
Why can't these people ask this question on April 1st? We could get Pandora sales rocketing....
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