Will you have Pyra wifi 'always on'?

Will you leave your Pyra's wifi always on? (so connected to a network when you are using the device

  • Yes (while using the Pyra, wifi will be active - like most modern cellphone/tablets scenarios) (assu

    Votes: 18 24.3%
  • No (will turn on/off wifi as I need it, and only then)

    Votes: 56 75.7%
  • i like tacos! (do not plan to have a Pyra)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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assuming a 6000mAH battery lasts 10 hours without bluetooth, it'd go 9:45, just 15 minutes less, with an active connection*.
Your calculation is correct if you're actively using the pyra.

If you're not heavily using the device, bluetooth active can drain a significant percentage of idle power. A 6000mAH battery draining at 15mA (I've seen N900 power consumption this low) without bluetooth would last 400 hours.  Assuming 15mA is correct for bluetooth 4.0 connections, battery draining with an active bluetooth connection would last half as long

If for e.g. you're using the device as your battery powered mp3 player over a few days, it would make sense to keep BT off.
i turn off bt because i dont use it really....ever. if i used it even once a week, id probably leave it on like i do with usb wifi dongle
Assuming 15mA is correct for bluetooth 4.0 connections, battery draining with an active bluetooth connection would last half as long
Ah, good point. I know the actual idle value is much lower than 15mA, but I wasn't able to find any numbers in my quick searching. Maybe I'll find something tonight or never.
No, as im wants to buy a 3G Modell

According to GTA04, the 3g ditnt need that much power, and to toggle Wifi when i need it ditnt costs that much time..

(And whit the Omap 5, mybe its much faster than on the Pandora)..

On my Smartphone, i also only toogle WIFI if i need it..
On smart phone, my Wi-Fi is left on unless it connects to a crappy Wi-Fi network (like the ones that are open but just redirect you to a webpage to sign up or sign on or whatever).

On Pandora my Wi-Fi is almost permanently off as it drops out, steals focus, and sometimes takes down Wi-Fi routers causing them to require resetting.

The Pandora to me doesn't feel like an 'always-on' device like my phone does. I hope the Pyra is more of an 'always-on' device for me. If it provides a better web browsing experience than a mobile that would be a great start.
on all my devices i only turn WiFi on when needed. i have PSP, DSiXL,netbook and work laptop. My job is mobile so i am not on any network for long if at all. only to download firmware etc.

on the work supplied iPhone 4s i turn every thing off BT and wifi because i dont use it and the ph barely last all work day as it is! fortunately some of the city shopping areas have recharging stations for phones so i can get a top up during the day. i do have a small usb battery bank device but i always seem to forget it as it just something else i have to carry around. I walk from call to call you see.....
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I think Steven nailed it well - whethor or not the device 'feals' like an always-on device or not (and of course, this varies by person, environment, etc.) (Also to note the cell radio, BT radio, wifi radio...)

This is why our community has always rocked .. unexpected result, with solid discussion points.

Result .. as in all things, test the network before assuming its up, but more to point.. for new games/apps, it is wise to design around the fact it is highly likely wifi at least will not be available. (This should always be the case, but many apps these days just assume infinite connectivity.) For phones they're more 'alwasy on' since by virtue of being a phone they often have a data package associated, but non-phones ...

If it turns out that I can use my Pyra to send and receive messages and calls I will still probably have bluetooth and wifi turned off unless I am using those things.  For calls I may forward to wherever I am if I will be there for a while (home or work).  If the battery lasts throughout the day with some of those on and some real use I will probably leave the 3/4G on until I get home, with occasional periods of bluetooth usage for calls.  I won't know until I have it in hand and can see the reception I get at various locations, and how long the battery lasts.

Wifi and bluetooth will still most likely remain off unless I am actively using them, as I said before, even if my reasons for doing so turn out to be imaginary.
If the Pyra is anything like the Pandora and puts up an annoying message box when it can't connect, the wi-fi will be off whenever I am not near a wi-fi connection.

Also if the bluetooth is like the pandora and brakes when the pandora sleeps (must be disable and re-enabled before it will work again), it will also be turned off when not needed.
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