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May 24, 2008
My father is a avid pistol enthusiast but not much of a gamer. I want to get him a wii pistol to use and see if I can't change his mind about at least one sub genre of gaming. Which do you all think is the best?

The Nyko Power shot has good reviews with the big negative being that it only triggers the B button so A button fire games wouldn't work and not all of them have re-mapping it seems. He would probably play more games like Reload: Target down, wild west guns and wild west shootout. Maybe I can get him into some House of the Dead or Resident evil zombie action sometime down the line but probably not.

Any good combo guns that can be rifles or pistols? Can you use the power shot on hunting games like the Cabela series?

Anyone who is a pistol/gun person have any comment on the trigger on various Wii guns as far as authenticity? A good feel to the trigger would go a long way to getting him to enjoy video games.

The Magnumlooks cool but is more expensive and has lower reviews than the powershot.

How useful would having the nunchuck integrated into the handle like this one?

Any advice?
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ive heard nothing but the best about the nyko perfect shot, that anything else is just 2nd grade.

dealextreme has a bunch of wii guns