Whats needed to boot a diff OS


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Oct 26, 2009

I'm impatiently awaiting my OP.

What is needed to boot a diff OS from SD?

I have a Pandaboard, Beagleboard, some Raspberry Pi's and an N900.

These have different methods of booting OS's.

u-boot, kernel boot, (N900 has multiple).

I just need to know what files and all that gear, if possible?

I'm going to start trying to port and run multiple OS's.

I'm looking for info on what files and such is needed.

I.E: Download Ubuntu OMAP3 IMG from ubuntu - extract. Is that enough or does the u-boot need to be removed/added...

I'm just trying to gather info.

I enjoy using and tweaking different systems.

I'm going to do some work like: [try] Port openELEC http://openelec.tv/ to Pandora.
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No answer from a technical point of you, but maybe it gives you a headstart:

There already are some Linux flavours available for the Pandora => Wiki List, most of them work to some extend. Usually they are not/have problems with supporting the pnd system.

The most active (I believe) is the Slackware port from Linux-SWAT

There is also the SD-Installer that could give you some hints, to investigate further
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I think your need some proprietary blobs to get things (like the graphics module) working

actually, if you have an n900, it might be worth seeing if there are and binary whatnots that can be ported, given that they have a SOC in common.

Don't forget to post/document your finds and results :)
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What I'm thinking of, is extracting a special chroot I made and try get it to boot natively on Pandora...
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Pandora uses u-boot, it can boot from standard boot.scr scripts, it also looks for autoboot.txt (plain text u-boot script) in each ext2 and fat partition on left SD slot, also boot.txt (plain text script) that is added as boot menu entry.
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I'm sure I could replace slack with something more mobile!

I have some chroots that I want to extract and try boot.

Gentoo, meego, angstrom (unneeded), ubunu, debian and another.
Finger friendly. Something more like Maemo (N900 OS).

Mer or try hack a build of Maemo on ot
No way! Hey Kingoddball! I remember you from gp32x.de Hope your well and hope you get your Pandora soon. Glad to see you back around here
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There's some maemo meego builds around.

Search on these boards if you're interested.
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