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Nov 1, 2003
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Greetings everyone! Not been around for quite a while and was wondering; whatever happened to.....

...Exult port - Was this the longest running "cool idea", I swear the amount of times I've thought of having this on my GP and thought how I'd never get bored of it!

...F-Day - I was convinced that Rlyeh would release a glorious suite of emu's and inject more interest into GP emulation, but it's not happened, and not likely to happen now until the GP2X is in full effect

...Homebrew Reviews - I tried hard to pump out content for Don's great site, but ended up losing interest a bit too much. I hope one day this will be rekindled.

...Mike Dawson - Mike ported frodo to the GP and did a mighty fine job, but never quite sorted out the savestates or zip support, the only missing features of this gem.

...GameProbe32 - Loved doing this project with BobBorakovitz, but had to leave when I had a 6 month computer detox, I know Bob has other commitments these days. Very happy to see Alyinsanfran putting in his great reviews, it was all great while it lasted.

...JBB's Bolcatoid - This was imo the finest looking & playing shooter on the GP, but seriously limited. If only it got the treatment it deserved and had more challenging levels created.

...DynaMate - Loved this game, but once I completed it there was not much left for me. I wish a level pack had been made with the editor, I know I could have done one but I never had time.
Sorry, good list :)

I noticed the exult team are having a go at adding ultima 6(off topic but I was exited). They really are wonderful.

homebrew reviews was a site I found too late, I missed out on too much good homebrew. I do hope with the GP2X will eventually have reviews like this sat in a simple front end, with a install on SD button. :)

Not very helpful
uhm... a gp2x review site.... should be supported by a major site.
like gp32x.de.... hmm... apparently we have a review section here...
but i've never used it. it feels strange.
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fday is canceled or something cause rlyeh got his laptop stolen at an airport.

Don`t know if this is/was fact or fake news...
fday is canceled or something cause rlyeh got his laptop stolen at an airport.

Don`t know if this is/was fact or fake news...

The news that was posted here and on GP32Spain said that both his laptop and Xbox got lost in transit. He has since had both returned to him, however is Xbox was broken :( But his laptop was okay :)
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Sorry to thread jack frolik.

But, Also, What ever happened to this.



Does anyone know ?.

Bolcatoid or Bolcataxian?
One was a breakout clone (adic03), the second a shooter demo indeed (adic04)!

I'm afraid I have no time to dive back into those projects, yet...
But guess what: BolcataxianII on Gp2x in a few months? Why not, if I find the cash for a unit and get a good incentive to pull my fingers with a cool contest, with reliable sponsors this time... I'm still somewhat gutted by my first place reward special price from adic's main sponsor: liksang - a dull gp32 mug like the others. :(

Yeah i hope all you mentioned and more will come out on the gp32 as everybody is way too much focussed on the gpx2.

Maybe someone should start up an gp32 only news site..
i still want that sonic revenge it was something i was really looking forward to on my gp32 , can anyone find out anything?
@frolik, Are you back in the UK? I went to Fiji Beachouse and it was awesome :) I'm in Coogee, Sydney looking for a job now :unsure:

On topic: Thanks for the info round up guys, maybe there should be a weekly info roundup thread? This scene is moving pretty fast right now.
@frolik, Are you back in the UK? I went to Fiji Beachouse and it was awesome :) I'm in Coogee, Sydney looking for a job now :unsure:

hey man that place was great! so friendly - glad you made it! I was staying in Bondi Junction not far from Coogee - a couple of my mates dj at the Coogee Bay Hotel on saturdays in the back room, Boostie and Marcus! Check em out if you get the chance, it's a cheesy venue but they rock the back room nicely. I'm back in the UK with my girl - we lasted a year and a half traveling together! not bad.. So I got myself a software testing job in london already :huh:

wow what a coincidence seeing the news postt from mike dawson, way to go Mike! I wonder if he'll consider keeping the Gp32 version alive as well for us old timers

Feel free to add your own "whatever happened to's", I was feeling a little nostalgic when I wrote it! :D
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Well, whenever the save states for the frodo gets fixed, ill be a happy man. Ill finally be able to save my high scores :D
Coogee Palace? Is that the open air one with the palm trees... The birds there were pretty good lookin' ;)

I have a commonwealth bank a/c - havent used it yet. I'm still waiting for my TFN. Fingers crossed I get this test analyst job.

ok on topic: whatever happened to Blood Cross, Gigas etc..