What would you like to see?


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Oct 3, 2008
With paint it's just a layer on top of the plastic. With coating it is bonded with (baked into) the top layer of plastic itself. You can scratch away paint; the only way to scratch away the coating is to scratch away the plastic.
Which is possible, but I'm thinking a very obvious scratch is going to be the thing people worry about more than discolouration. The important takeaway is that it doesn't just rub off under normal use the way the Pandora's paintjob did.

My preference would be for the raw uncoated surfaces complete with visual cooling imperfection markings and all. The 'natural' mildly distressed finish would be inherently impervious to fingerprints and wear markings as those would simply blend in. I have never been fond of 'perfect' surfaces on devices that are meant to be -used-. That carries with it an implication of caution and care to not mar the surface and makes usage markings stand out.

Something that occurs to me... The clear cases were produced with the same process that produced the uncoated black cases where stress and cooling marks show. But - on the clear cases those markings are likely present but don't show visibly. I.e. the cooling marks and such simply wind up being different gradients of 'clear' and more or less blend into the diffraction differences inherent to the surfaces and thickness variations in the case.