What Will You Do With The Pandora?

How do you view the Pandora and its capabilities?

  • It's a UMPC first, games come second.

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  • It's a handheld gaming device, UMPC-ish comes second.

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  • I am interested in both potential aspects of the Pandora

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  • What's a Pandora? :P

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  • I really, really don't care. Stop talking about it, already.

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AireTamStorm said:
Had a poll on this topic earlier.

The key phrase in that poll for me was "It will be my swiss army knife. At work, home, everywhere.". That sums it up for me.
If I'm honest I will love the gaming but the 'UMPC' bit is probably the bit that will justify the price.
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I'm not sure why you'd want to exclude missile targeting from possible uses, you could probably make a metric crap-ton of money selling this to the military, just toss it in a nice and rugged aluminum case, and charge them $1500/ea. That's a lot less than the $4000 toughbooks, and a lot more mobile.
Prophet said:
The small screen and keyboard would be limiting anyway. But we'll see.
I think people will adapt to the size, just like some people can create text messages at the speed of light. I'm really hoping it will be usable as a PDA / note-taking device.
Bedtime surfing and video playback, definitely.
;) ;)
And perhaps the most fun thing will be seeing what homebrew devs come up with. :)
I agree - I think that being part of that journey and watching things unfold, trying stuff out etc is going to be a lot of fun.
I would have no problem calling it a "gaming UMPC" - that's really what it is IMO. And it's one of a kind.

Shame we don't have a good moniker or TLA that everyone was happy with - then we needn't discuss it further.
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Both, emulation would be the main reason i would be buying it, as i missed a ton of ps1/SNES games. Not that i wont mind having a decent web browser/email client in my pocket, but thats going to be its primary use.
A hypothetical question - could the first Pandora preorder/purchase be done on firefox3?
that would be awesome.
I voted UMPC first simply because, if I were looking at something solely for gaming, I would stick with my hacked up PSP. I can't justify to myself buying another game console, no matter how sweet it is. I do, however, need a new portable computer, and if it happens to be a kick ass game player as well at a more than reasonable price, then who am I to argue?
Yes, I need to justify all my purchases as practical in some way. I'm an odd one.
Gaming first, I've been waiting so long for something like the Pandora to come along that I refuse to play the games in my collection because I believe in my heart that the Pandora will be able to provide a better experience (for instance, being able to select and load games quickly in a small gaming-oriented form factor).
Karel Jansens said:
It's a shame we can't get age statistics with the votes. I have a hunch they would be quite telling.
How so?
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Karel Jansens said:
I'm betting that particularly the first and the second option in the poll would show a remarkable age correlation.
You're implying younger = games and older = UMPC, correct?

I think the results would be somewhat counter-intuitive. Consider this:

* A younger person wanting a gaming device would more likely flock to the PSP/DS than a Pandora, however older gamers wanting to relive their childhoods would embrace the Pandora.

* An older person wanting a UMPC device would more likely seek a more "serious" device than one with gaming controls, however younger people who want a cooler sort of UMPC device would love the Pandora.
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I voted "both", and to be honest I think that this divide that some people are creating is more than a bit silly. The fact is that, if the two previous consoles that this is a successor to are any guide, most of the software that we will all use will be created (or at least perfected) by hobbyists in their spare time. That's the point of having it be an open-source system, and a natural result of it. Just like most of the programs I use on my PC are open-source and free.

So splitting up into "political parties" is pointless; it doesn't accomplish anything, there's nothing to fight over. Developers will by and large create the things that they're interested in no matter what some big block of people thinks they should be working on. There aren't limited monetary resources that have to be allocated, there's only enthusiasm. And the best way to generate enthusiasm is to have a good community which is friendly to all types of developers, thereby attracting more people and getting better software made.
Agreed. Look at the great VJ type of apps that have been developed for the GP2X, or the demo scene there. There'll be something for everyone, and I for one look forward to every kooky niche that is filled. That's the true beauty of the Pandora.
The Pandora will be great for so many things,but the main reason I am buying this is for gaming plain and simple.

I cant wait to see what the homebrew dev crew does with this monster!! and what the modders will inevitably do as well.

(edit) I am 26....just thought i would toss that out there.
Everything I already played on the GP2X + Apple2E + C64 + Amiga /w Workbench. Thank you, keyboard.