what rom do you use on your droid 4

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    yeah that is why I figured trying it on my n900 first would be best, as that is just laying around collecting dust anyway.

    The first thing I try on a smartphone with a fresh OS is if I can make a call and receive a call without any lagging or freezing while I have an office app or browser open. That is usually where a lot of custom roms already fail horribly. That is the essence of smartPHONE but for some reason on xda, people believe that a custom rom with a cool theme and boasting about a tweaked out kernel is enough to impress. well if the phone shits it's pants immediately when used as a phone, that is a sign for utter failure I'd say ^^.

    Other things I test are the youtube app playing video, video streaming in the browser and video files from my samba shares. If the timing is good and nothing hangs in a weird way, the ram usage must be decent and video drivers are working great usually. If you get strange artifacts when HW decoding or hangs/skipped frames, the ROM is probably crap.

    Next is battery time. If the droid 4 lasts more than 18hrs everything is fine. If runs significantly shorter with normal use (browsing, texting, email, phone) some kid on XDA fucked up and it's time to debug or throw out that rom.
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    That was really well put.

    There is some speculation that Mednafen / Retroarch etc do not work on the Droid 4 because the powervr does not support non-power-of-two textures, but it's little more than that. The irclogs have some discussion on it.

    I haven't found graphical hangups in any other Sailfish apps - or Android emulators, so the guess that it might be related to textures seems reasonable - since i don't know other apps that 'blit' textures to screen continuously.

    [EDIT] I do find that unfortunately, answering calls on SFOS is a pain. You have to slide the window down and then hit a button to answer the call, but there isn't enough time to hit the 'Answer' button - it usually slides back up just as i'm hitting it. [EDIT] I may have been doing that wrong all along.... [/edit] Then when call initiates, half the time I get black screen - call still works, but I cannot initiate a hangup. Not sure if this is still an issue with latest version.
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    Haven't installed it yet. Battery on the Droid I am actively using (mainly for whatsapp) is pretty good so don't need it right now. Have more time in December to give it a thorough test.

    BTW just noticed that the ebay seller doesn't have them on stock anymore so even when it is legit, it is probably too late to buy from the same supplier.

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