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Aug 5, 2008
I got my pandora a year ago or so... By the time I'd gotten it I had sort of moved on from the idea. I had wanted one since I preordered the first day they were offered. I kept it around in case I used it and I've powered it on... maybe 4 times? Back then it would've been perfect for me. It's a very sad story. I just don't see the appeal of it anymore. I wish I did because it's really cool.

And now I read that they're still not through with batch 1, and the price is now $500 for a new one, and they have 512 mb ram?

Also there are redesigns of the shoulder buttons, case, and shoulder buttons?

Are these upgrades available to the first batch unit I have? Also am I ever going to get the tv-out cable or is that history now?

I ask because I'll probably list it for sale later this month, but if it would be more useful to someone if I upgraded the shoulder buttons / nubs beforehand, I may do that. Just wondering what I should do. And if I can transfer my preorder of the tv-out cable, or something. Information seems, as always, to be very scattered and these days I just don't want to read 1000's of posts to get it.


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Jan 18, 2010
Yes they are $500 now. they ran out of 256MB memory modules for the OMAP and only 512MB modules were available so bonus for anyone that orders now..

There wasn't a redesign of the shoulder buttons.. But the new German board population company does a much better job of accurately soldering the buttons on the PCB so the results are better more consistent buttons.

It was said that there will be a way of upgrading your current Pandora with the new 512 Board.. haven't heard much more on this...

TV out cable.. who knows.. I built my own..
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