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GP32 Kirby

May 30, 2003
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I am now looking for WADs to play on my GP32 Doom and I have come across a particular WAD hack, but it's in three seperate WAD files.. one for misc graphics, one for sprites, and one for sound.. is it possible to load all three at once in the WAD loader or is there some way to put these seperate wads together to use at once when loading it in gpDoom? :blink:
You can download a program here that will let you join them all togather, but all features may not work, for example I've managed to get the levels and music from the goldeneye mod to work using this but the enemies and weapons are still from doom, even though though the wad containing all these is in the combined version.
I tried merging the three WADs together and loading up the combined WADs into gpDoom but after loading the screen goes white (while the word "loading" still floats around at the bottom corner), then the doom music plays for a second, and then my GP32 restarts.. :unsure:

If you need to know, the doom mod I am using is a Simpsons one and it's in three seperate pieces when I downloaded it HERE. All I did was create a new WAD (named SIMPSONS.WAD) and merged the other three WAD files into it and then uploading the final combined WAD file into my GP32... Am I doing anything wrong?
I think the reason it resets is cause it has no level.

I have the demo version of doom with simpsons on it and it uses the normal doom wad for the levels.

So try merging all the wads with the doom wad then it should work i think???

but yeah thats how it was orignally intended just to replace sprites and music/sounds thats all.

Doesnt work..

I didnt need to merge the seperate WADs with my commercial one, I tried loading a seperate WAD (for misc graphics) and it worked fine, but combining it with the other two WADs wont make it work :(
I just updated to Doom v9 final (I was using the "Test" version between 8 and 9 before), and used the WAD suggested by waxweazel, but here's the error message I keep getting at the start...

IErr:W_CacheLumpNum: -5633902 >= numlump
Shutting Down.