Virtual Keyboard Needed In These Games


Still Fresh
Dec 26, 2010
Florida, USA
Hi all,

This is a crazy request, but I think that Pickle or any of the other pro's that are getting these games working on the Wiz could possibly implement this.

In the following games that I have working on the Wiz:

Duke nukem 3d (eduke32)
Hexen & deathkings of the dark citadel
Hexen 2 & Portal of Praevus
NAM (eduke32)
Quake 1
Quake 2 (seriously needed)

These games could use a virtual keyboard. For instance, using potions and other items in Heretic and Hexen - jetpack, holoduke, etc in Duke3d, to access the console or use items like F1 in Quake 2.

If there is one already available for any of these games, please let me know..

If someone could give me an idea on how the virtual keyboard is implemented, I would be willing to help get it working for these and other games on the Wiz.

Thanks for reading !