USB Hubs

I picked up one of these today for $5, http://www.canadacom...&item_id=038392

I opened it up it has a http://www.genesyslo..._01_1.php?id=42 chip in it if anyone is interested.

Works well, I have tried it with my Deathadder and an old Logitech Attack gamepad, both detected in PCSX-ReARMed.

Going to grab a Elephant Slim Mini keyboard tomorrow to carry in my backpack, then I have a full laptop replacement!
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I've just ordered this one hoping I will get both a USB hub plus lots of additional storage from one device in the USB port. I'll let you know how it works.


Well the hub works well, feels a little flimsy but I guess that's the trade off for having it rotate and swivel to so many different angles. I've tested it with a extra 8gb sd card, a 32gb flash drive and a usb gamepad all at once running from the Pandora battery and it all works fine.

There is a power socket for providing external power but no instructions on voltage/polarity - can I assume it is +5v?

Anyway, here's some pics:




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is it not possible with that tower hub to allow the pandora to sit flat on a table?
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Almost, but not quite. In the 4th the back is only about 1 or 2 mm off the table. It seems okay to type on in that it doesn't feel like it's putting too much strain on the usb port, but it probably should have something underneath the Pandora for support.

I've just tried it powered and it runs a usb hard drive no problem (using a 800ma 5v usb charger).
got me one of these eventually a Lindy branded 4 port notebook hub for 12 euros


I've been looking for a while both in the forum and in the wiki list to find a usb hub.
Most of the informations i found were outdated (hub is not longer available) or too expensive imo.
I found : IOGEAR GUH285W6 4 Ports USB 2.0 Hub on
I received it today and it works well.
It is not powered, compact with a nice design and only $6.
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He looking for a usb hub, not a card reader ;^).

Not easy responding the boards while playing Ms PacMan, huh ?
^ That does have three downstream USB ports, so I'd say its both :p