US & Canada Open Pandora GmbH Preorders & Shipping

Jan 27, 2009
Hello Everyone!

This topic is being created to answer any questions, comments, or concerns regarding preorders shipping to the US through from EvilDragon's shop.

First round of units is shipping from Germany tomorrow for those who've already paid. I'll be emailing all those who are paid and ready shortly.

US customers: No additional action is needed from you unless you want to upgrade your shipping option from UPS Ground (out of Vermont) to your location. I've added shipping upgrade buttons to my shop for each UPS category of Next Day, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select. $1 is added to Upgrade charges via Google Checkout for shipping.

Preorder customers are welcomed to combine orders for additional Pandora needs from

Shipping costs calculated through Google Checkout will be discounted by 1/2 by combining your order with your Open Pandora GmbH preorder. You'll see this on the final charges from the shop.

Canadian Customers: For any Canadian customers who've already paid EvilDragon and you want US Postal Service Priority Mail instead of UPS to do the final delivery of your Pandora, to avoid customs fees/duty/tax, click the $14 upgrade option. $1 added by Google Checkout for "shipping". Find the upgrade button at the bottom of this page:

I really look forward to getting everyone their Pandoras as efficiently as possible.

Thanks for all the support everyone!
Sound great Link, maybe I'll finally bump into another Pandora owner in Toronto :p

AFAIK, Skeezix and I are the only Torontonians I know that own a Pandora (or in his case multiple?).
Hey I now live in the Open Pandora capitol of the Americas!
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Is there any way to order the extra battery and case from ithic? I didn't see them listed.

Also (not as important) but will it come in the new box that was recently revealed? Or are those not even out yet.
Is there any way to order the extra battery and case from ithic? I didn't see them listed.

Also (not as important) but will it come in the new box that was recently revealed? Or are those not even out yet.
You can order an extra battery and official softcase from ED's shop here:

Your new box Official Open Pandora Box will come in a bigger cardboard box. That bigger cardboard box increases in size the more items you add from EDs shop or my shop :)

Great first post by the way, and welcome to the Open Pandora boards. How rude of me for missing that.
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Alright, thanks for the reply!

I'll probably just get the official case and spare battery at a slightly later date.

I had to order a new debit card and it should be coming any day then I plan to buy a Pandora.

I'll probably buy a 308 case, microfiber clothes, and a 32g card off the site while I'm at it.

And it's no problem, thanks for the welcome. :p
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Canadian customers will have to PayPal me the money if you want the USPS shipping upgrade. Google Checkout isn't friendly there yet. This is only temporary as EvilDragon is changing the shipping rate for future orders to $45 total shipping for Canadian orders.
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Just a small update here, due to a customs SNAFU, we weren't able to get EU customs to sign off on the EUR1 form today, so this will ship Monday. Depending on the time of day it goes out, I may be able to process this next week. Not making any promises as this is our first shipment of this nature, so hopefully Murphy stays on that side of the pond. If I have it Thursday, I can ship Friday. Should I see it's cleared customs and I have a firm delivery date, I can prepare the shipping labels before this arrives to save some time.
Upon request, this thread has been temporarily stickied in order to ensure that customers can find this information easily, since Link doesn't have posting permission for the Official OpenPandora News section.
I was hoping to have an update to this yesterday but am at a loss. I will post more information when I know what is happening or perhaps EvilDragon can fill us in. Apologize for the delay, but no news is good news.
Well, we declared it at german customs yesterday (needed for such a big export), so it should leave for US today or tomorrow.
For those in Canada wondering whether to go UPS or USPS here is the link on the charges:

So you will pay UPS approximately $50 for the honour of them clearing customs for you. They will also charge you more on top of that for paying your HST in advance to customs when crossing the border. (They don't mention that clearly but the charge exists.) These are a big reason I refuse to use UPS Ground shipments into Canada. They really charge a lot for little paperwork.

In comparison Canada Post will charge around $10 for customs clearance and no fees for them paying the HST in advance to customs on your behalf.

Now here is a fun thing about UPS. You often end up pay less in total by upgrading the shipment to UPS Worldwide Express Plus, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Saver, or UPS Worldwide Expedited Services. All of those shipping upgrades include the brokerage fees in the shipping cost. You still pay a bit for them advancing the HST they pay on your behalf to clear customs but it is about the same cost as the Canada Post fees. (And you can sometimes avoid that by calling UPS in advance once you have a tracking number and giving them a credit card number to pay for the HST to customs... you gotta get this info to them before the package hits customs.)

Question for Link: What is the cost for upgrading to UPS Worldwide shipping? Choose the least expensive of the above upgrades. I suspect it will be close to using USPS. But the UPS upgrade will usually arrive in 2-4 days (usually) versus 8-14 days via USPS.

Sorry to add some work for you Link, but I ship a lot of stuff in from the States. I think a lot of folks would like the option to use UPS Worldwide shipping - after all the cost will be about the same as USPS and the shipment will arrive way, way faster. Seems like a win-win situation to me. :)
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I spoke at length with my UPS representative about this last week. Your analysis is accurate regarding the situation. I didn't get exact figures because Canada has various regions, whereas with USPS, it's universal rate for all of Canada. I can check with my representative to see what those Worldwide services will cost for Canada. The Expedited you mentioned is UPS talk for "Ground", so I don't think anyone wants that "service".
Package is moving :D

Pandoras will be invading North America shortly!

If things are proper, I should be able to ship Friday.
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Very good news. Just noticed this thread today. Glad to hear things may be shipping by Friday..if they do, then the pandora should be here (in iowa) mid-ish next week to at most the end of next week.

Very excited to finally get it.
ETA now says Monday, 2nd of April. I'll update this if it changes. I've seen that happen before with incoming shipments.
It might be a stupid question, I just wanted to make sure though.

If you buy from ithic do you still need to preorder on the main site or pay anyone else?