Unreal Tournament?


Mar 30, 2008
Hi, I've been reading up on my open source games, and i saw a source code for Unreal Tournament.

Is the whole game open source? Or is it just parts of it, almost more like an sdk or something. If it's all open, someone should port it.

Someone please clarify this for me. Thanks in advance, Shnitzelboy
No it's not open source. A group of developers do have access to the source, but they are only allowed to make patches and keep the game up to date regarding potential security issues, and nothing more.
Last time I looked, it was only partly open source. You could part it to different OS's, but they all had to be X86.
I don't know how much open sauce the oldunreal project is (http://www.oldunreal.com/) but they did a good Job. I play the original U(T) with the (old) S3TC High Res Textures from the 2. UT CD and under OpenGL...and with OPenAL Sound etc., very nice. :)

Maybe ther will be a way to port Unreal (Tournament) for the Pandora. These games had much better Bots than Quake3 and more interesting Game Modes built in (CTF, Assault...)