Uk Psp Release Date & Price?

testike posted on Apr 4 2005 at 09:52 PM said:
Hey at

Wanted to let you know that they are giving away free Sony PSP. really cool !

Hurry on , there's not much left as they said!
I got mine last week. :)

Post a photo of it....and some sort of postal record that you recieved it from them......

...then I still won't sign up.....fuckhead!
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you do receive them... But its a STUPID thing the Sign up to!!!
But it's US PSP... Not for me. :D I wanna japanese.

Why do those allways require me to be US resident? :(
I've lost an Ipod, HUUUGE Screen TV, penile enlargements, loads of cash, free hookers, X-Box, PS3, a car, and a place in heaven, because I'm not US citizen. :angry:
Im selling Japanese PSPs which are compatible with the UK region 2

I can sell a Standard Pack for £150 or a Value Pack for £180 incliuding all shipping costs.

I can also include a free adaptor for the UK

If you would like Ridge Racers then add £25 to the total cost

Please email for more details:


I see a lot of UK shops have changed release dates to the 20th May.

...and on the Mindnight Club advert it says coming soon for the PSP handheld.

Good news for UK Plebs? Maybe.