This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

Got some progress on One Piece last weekend, but not that much as i wantet..
im still at Thrillerbark, i think when you see this whole format more like a Entertainment Anime, and not as one whit a Deep and Serious Lore, its fitts much more in the Episodes im now..

i wonder: Will Frankey get more Cloths in the next few Arks? And when they put proper shoes on Ruffy in the Live Action Series on Netflix, how are they going to bring Franky in the Show?? , he ditnt even wear sandals.. ok he is a Cybork, his feets are from steel, but the actor will be human..
I just pretend live action versions don't exist as they're typically horrible.
I just pretend live action versions don't exist as they're typically horrible.
whoa... have you seen... theater versions of Manga/Anime? No, wait. Let me start at the Beninging benig...begni.. from the start:

The Dutch had an idea, what if we put the crowd in the middle, and rotate the stage in a ring, so to lower waiting time until the new set is set up. This was done for super production "Soldaat van Oranje"

Now combined with 4DX.... And you get very good productions. Add Singing (Musicals) on top of that and you get high quality stuff.
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Im now on the Zou Arc on One Piece (whit the Island that is locatet on this big Elephant) , Whit this Furrys (Minks) its getting quite wild ^^ this one "Carot" likes to bite Luffy in the Ear ..
Dress Rosa was quite cool, some times a bit anoying whit these Toy Peaple, but Do Flamingo was an terrifing antagonist..

And i figured out yesterday where Law got its Name from: "Trafalga D. Water Law : Trafalga was a See Battle against Napoleon back then, and Water Law : "Waterloo " ^^
I dont know if this correct but would make sense some where..
The Legend of Vox Machina

I discovered it by chance, never heard of it before, but damn I want more !! (And luckily seems like more will come !!)
It's a Fantasy cartoon based on Dungeon&Dragons, like many others lately, but for now it is the best I ever seen !!
The language is modern, and the jokes are not for kids, but even if I wasn't aware about the "making of", I knew there was something different from the other cartoons while watching it... reminded to me the same kind of stupid things that happens during a real D&D session with friends...
And it is indeed the result of real play sessions between professional dubbers, that started just as a podcast, and then became a cartoon.
I liked everything of it, the drawing style, the animation, the music, the story, and damn, I don't know how many times I was like "that's a classic, I already know how it en... WTF !! O_O", or started laughing by myself.

It contains also things that normally I really hate, some little "musical" and songs (them could ruin an entire movie if present, example: The Hobbit), but I found them "acceptable" in the way them are presented here.
Im still on the Whole Cake Island Arc in One Piece, Big Mom, speaking Flowers and Food, the Background Story of Sanji but still 200 Episodes away from Gear5..
Its impossible to live in the Internet and stay Spoilerfree.. , i heard of the truth of Luffys Devil Fruit when i was still at the dress rosa arc but well, something to look forward..
BTW What's with you avatar, are you OK?