The What Music Are You Listening To Thread


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Dec 14, 2012
What a good effort has been put into this. Very good makeup, clothing, atmospherics sfx and scene selection (do not show what is too hard to show, like summersaulting over the car - liked this very much). Just too bad the dancers are not moving their lips all too well, and what irritated me is the final scene, where each one does a move on each quarter of a beat... sloppy, so sloppy... (probably tired from a whole day filming).

"these days I mainly just talk to plants and dogs. All human contact seems painful, risky, odd, so I stay acting god in my own universe, where I trade sigarettes in return for songs..."
Song got good at 6:40
That small piece of text... wow... it so captured a moment I, too, had.
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Nov 19, 2005
My favorite ambient album... I spaced out quite a lot on morning-afters with this CD back in the day...
Now that I listen to it again, it flashes me right back to then.... <3
wow. this one is exactly my most important ambient/chillout cd too!
back in the day it was my secret weapon when i, eventually, ingested too much acid and had to lay down on bed, wearing headphones and just... chill.
it worked, every single time! ;)
from then on, i knew, when it gets stressing/too strange in this "real" world, there is another one, helping me calming down and chill.
pete namlook did so many great tracks. rest in peace, peter, and deepest thanks for this awesome music from... within.

also verry important to me

and, of course

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